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January 07, 2011 11:15 ET

James Kilgallon of JK Marketing Services on His Origins

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Jan. 7, 2011) - James Kilgallon of JK Marketing is something of an anomaly in the Outsourcing Sales industry- though it is common for people to come in to the business from a number of different industries, it is highly unusual, and perhaps unique, to stray in to the business from the seemingly glamorous fashion industry. Having studied Photography at university, James was apparently set for an enviable career in one of the most sought after jobs there is. It was clear to him from the start, however, that all was not as it seemed.

"I worked briefly in the fashion industry on a few photo shoots, it's an incredibly grimy world. It's not an experience I would want to repeat."

Having seen the painful reality behind the mask of glamour, James also had a dispiriting experience with the bar trade whilst at university.

"When I was studying Photography at University I also worked in bars earning around £30 for a whole night's work."

As with a number of people in the business James had never considered nor even encountered the Outsourcing Sales industry before he started looking for a new direction. In fact he cheerfully admits- despite owning JK Marketing - that it wasn't even him who got himself started and that he got in to the Outsourcing Sales industry purely by accident.

"My girlfriend actually answered the ad for me. I saw it as an opportunity to make my weekend's wages from the bar in 1 day. I didn't see it as a career opportunity to start off with."

At first James was happy to view the work as just a job that provided him with a far better income than his previous employment but gradually the industry began to exert its pull on him. Having worked part time, 2 days a week at the Kent office for 3 months, James's horizons were suddenly broadening.

"At that point I started to realise what I could get out of the industry if I applied myself. 8 months later, I took over the Kent office."

JK Marketing may have had an unpromising start, beginning as it did as almost an afterthought, but its success is testament both to the hard work of James Kilgallon and the allure of the Outsourcing Sales industry.

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