April 17, 2005 17:54 ET


LIBERAL 'SLUSH FUND' DISCLOSURE SHOWS NDP PLATFORM COVERS TOURISM FUNDING, COMMUNITY SPORTS VENUES Attention: Assignment Editor, News Editor, Government/Political Affairs Editor VANCOUVER/BC--(CCNMatthews - April 17, 2005) - April 16, 2005

VANCOUVER-Now that Premier Gordon Campbell has finally come clean on what is covered by his undebated budget "slush fund," an analysis shows that the NDP's platform can easily accommodate funding for community sports venues and tourism, NDP Leader Carole James said today. Recent BC Liberal attacks on the NDP platform have now been exposed as deliberate misinformation.

"If Premier Campbell's accounting of his pre-election slush fund spending plans is accurate, it's now clear that our platform is more than able to accommodate additional funding for Tourism BC," said James. "In addition, now that we can finally examine in some detail the Liberals' plans for spending their undebated budget slush fund, it's clear that the NDP plan will cover the full $88 million committed already to community sports venues, while maintaining a budget surplus of $180 million."

The Liberals' undebated budget slush fund was originally set at $238 million. The NDP platform reallocates half of that fund to priority areas like smaller class sizes for K-12 and improved access to post-secondary education.

James said that now that the Liberals have finally announced that the list of projects committed to by the fund includes $120 million for regional economic development (funding more than covered elsewhere in the NDP Platform), the NDP's plan has sufficient resources to cover the community projects announced by the government.

The $119 million left in the slush fund by the NDP plan will now cover $88 million for community sports venues, leaving more than sufficient resources to cover the $24 million commitment to Tourism BC.

"If Premier Campbell had allowed any debate on his budget, all of this would have been clear from the outset," said James. "The NDP has always been a strong supporter of the tourism industry, and I have no intention of seeing that support diminish."



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