Orrick Marketing Solutions

Orrick Marketing Solutions

January 14, 2011 13:21 ET

Jamie Orrick, CEO of Orrick Marketing Solutions Speaks About the Increase of College Fees Set to Put the Future Under Pressure!

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Jan. 14, 2011) - Jamie Orrick of Orrick Marketing Solutions has seen the outrage from students in Leeds at the recent vote in the Lords; from September 2012 the cost of a university course to the student will be up to £9,000 a year (three times the present limit) putting future students to attend college or university under pressure.

Demonstrations have been taking place in parts of London against a rise in university tuition fees from groups and angry students. A car carrying Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall was also attacked as they were driven through the West End, close to where the demonstration was taking place.

CEO of Orrick Marketing Solutions Jamie Orrick stated 'Now more than ever companies need to offer advice and product training to candidates to gain the level of service expected in the current market rather than relying on experience they gain from university'. Jamie commented 'If students have to pay this amount per year to attend university it will reduce the amount entering third level education. This means that companies in the future will potentially miss out on high quality candidates especially if they are a specialist industry which needs a particular qualification'.

Orrick Marketing Solutions have an opportunity for fast track business development that allows candidates with little to no experience to excel in the industry. Through their own product training and guidance this is the only way that we can ensure that we have the highest standard of service and that everyone excels to their full advantage.

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