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March 08, 2012 13:00 ET

Janet Moyer Landscaping Offers Advice for Homeowners to Keep Street Trees Healthy

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Mar 8, 2012) - As the city of San Francisco makes plans to transfer the care of hundreds of street trees to residents, certified arborist and executive vice president Michael Hofman of Janet Moyer Landscaping (JML) in San Francisco, offers these suggestions to help residents in their care:

1. For young street trees, minor pruning during early growth cycles will save major expenditures later on. Get professional assistance or study how to perform initial pruning to guide small street trees as they grow. Initial pruning can save a tree from obvious weaknesses and result in a stronger specimen for years to come.

2. If a street tree is leaning and is still young, stake it and make sure the stake continues doing its job until the tree can take the wind. Street trees may need stakes for five years or more, so don't let the stakes fall apart before trees can stand on their own.

3. Keep height requirements in mind. San Francisco requires 8 feet of clearance for sidewalks and fourteen feet of clearance for streets. Pruning street trees to these minimums means the tree won't be damaged by street cleaning equipment, moving trucks and won't affect pedestrians.

4. Mature trees need water too. Establishing a consistent watering program is essential for their ongoing health. Certain species require regular watering to remain healthy and keep them from searching for other sources like sewer lines.

5. Mature trees need as much root area as possible so strong roots develop. Don't cover the tree well with bricks, paving or other materials that decrease oxygen and water absorption.

6. Mulch and aerate. Adding long lasting mulch around the tree well will help provide nutrients and protect the trunk. Aerating will aid in providing oxygen to the tree roots.

7. Don't change the soil level. Trees need a consistent soil level that just covers the root system but does not touch the bark. If the soil level changes, moisture will cause the bark to fail, thus greatly reducing the ability of the tree to exchange nutrients between the leaves and the roots.

8. Use a professional arborist who has the expertise required when a tree needs proper pruning. (See for referrals to certified arborists).

9. Enjoy your tree. A street tree can bring a garden feeling to the front of your home.

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