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June 27, 2012 12:00 ET

Janet Moyer Landscaping Offers Tips to Deter Garden Critters

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 27, 2012) - Janet Moyer Landscaping (JML), a full service landscaping company in San Francisco devoted to addressing the unique challenges of urban gardens, recommends a number of ways that homeowners can deter unwanted critters in their garden. Janet Moyer, company founder and president, suggests the following:

1. Do not leave pet food outside.
2. Make sure garbage cans have tight-fitting lids. If cans tip easily, secure them to something sturdy.
3. Pick up fallen fruit around fruit trees. The sweet fruit is attractive to many critters.
4. If you have fish in a pond, make sure the pond includes rocks for the fish to hide under.
5. If your garden is becoming a litter box, clean up and place citrus peels in the area. The smell of citrus is a natural and non-toxic deterrent for unwelcome pets that may come into your garden. Chicken wire may also help to keep animals out of the garden.
6. If you put food into a composter, make sure it has a solid bottom and secure lid. Side openings should be no more than a quarter of an inch.
7. If digging is occurring, apply beneficial nematodes to get rid of grubs. Grubs are the primary reason moles dig in the garden. If gophers are eating plant roots, plant some garlic in your planting beds. If birds and critters are eating veggies before you do, protect with netting or fencing and hang reflective ribbon nearby.
8. Make sure nesting places are eliminated. Decks should have skirting to prevent access.
9. If critters are chewing on drip irrigation lines, rub bar soap on the tubing. This also works on the trunks of citrus trees.

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Founded in 1990, Janet Moyer Landscaping is an award-winning full service landscaping company based in San Francisco, CA. It has designed and installed more than 475 unique and customized gardens in San Francisco's varied terrain. The company specializes in the creation of custom residential landscapes that address the unique challenges posed by San Francisco's climate, significant grade changes and architectural constraints. Owned and managed by Janet Moyer and Michael Hofman, JML applies sustainable practices to its residential landscape design, installation and maintenance services. In 2010, JML received recognition for its work in designing and installing the first "teaching garden" for children at a public library in San Francisco. For more information, visit or call 415-821-3760; and become a member of the JML community at and

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