November 11, 2008 10:00 ET

Janice Haskins-Scott, a Discovered Author

Dramatic Work of Substance

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - November 11, 2008) - Janice Haskins-Scott is the real deal: real life, real ideas, real words for a real world. She was chosen to be's November Discovered Author for her empowering and engaging work on "Inspirational Everyday Poetry: Poetry that Inspires." Haskins-Scott has established herself as a literary voice to be respected.

Experience is fodder for creation, and often out of the deepest struggles come the noblest characters. Such is the stuff of Haskins-Scott's "Inspirational Everyday Poetry: Poetry that Inspires," a kaleidoscopic whirlwind of poetry and passion that scales the everyday possibilities and daily struggles with equal sensitivity, lyricism, intelligence & humor.

Staggeringly insightful and profoundly personal, Janice Haskins-Scott courageously reveals -- with a poetic precision -- stories and sides of herself that inspire by example and move by artfulness. From her own battle with addiction springs a well of hope, possibility & recovery -- a war waged and won on the pages of this accessible and award winning book. -- a social network for aspiring writers to engage and appraise one another's work -- considers Janice Haskins-Scott's work exemplary of the kind of bold writing that WritingRoom Discovered Author's series was created to celebrate and support!

Born in Gary, Indiana and raised in Chicago, Janice Haskins-Scott is the author of several poems published by the National Library of Poetry and has been awarded the "Editor's Choice Award" for outstanding achievement in poetry. With several warranted credits, awards, and published works to her name, she has been named five times over as one of the Best Poets of the Year by the International Library of Poetry. As for her latest accomplishment, "Inspirational Everyday Poetry: Poetry that Inspires"... it does indeed!

"Inspirational Everyday Poetry: Poetry that Inspires" is published by "Inspirational Everyday Poetry: Poetry that Inspires" will be available in the PublishingRoom bookstore and online at Amazon and BN November 2008.

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