SOURCE: Personal Trainer Jari Love

Personal Trainer Jari Love

Personal Trainer Jari Love

January 18, 2011 16:09 ET

Jari Love Brings Her Popular Gym Boot Camp Workout to Homes for the First Time With New "Get Extremely RIPPED! Boot Camp" DVD

DVD Features Three Ways to Get RIPPED! Six 10-Minute Workouts, Two 30-Minute Workouts or One Intense 60-Minute RIPPED! Session; Boot Camp Workout Has Inspired One Student to Lose 84 Pounds!

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - January 18, 2011) - By popular demand, fitness expert and certified personal trainer Jari Love is bringing the highlights of her time-tested, wildly successful gym boot camp workout to DVD for the first time beginning today when she introduces "Get Extremely RIPPED! Boot Camp." 

Love, creator of the award-winning "Get RIPPED!" DVD workout series, has been teaching and testing her boot camp program in the gym with hundreds of students for three years, and is now making it available to fitness enthusiasts of all skill levels in the comfort of their own home. The workout is the same boot camp that has even helped one of her students lose 84 pounds!

Now available from Jari Love (, "Get Extremely RIPPED! Boot Camp" ($14.99) allows users to blast fat fast. Research has shown that high intensity training and weight training are the best ways to lose unwanted pounds fast, increase lean muscle mass and keep the metabolism revved all day long. In "Get Extremely RIPPED! Boot Camp," Love mixes cardio and strength exercises so the user is constantly moving and keeping their heart rate up. Participants will burn maximum calories and build lean muscle tissue -- both of which are essential to losing weight and keeping it off.

"Get ready to shake up your regime and amp up the intensity with this boot camp-style workout," declares Love. "With a series of core, strength and cardio tracks, participants will shock their body and blast out of any ruts or plateaus. They'll have tons of fun challenging themselves with our new moves and be amazed by how great they feel. With high-energy music to keep their adrenaline pumping, the workout will keep their metabolism revved for hours and have them burning fat all day long!"

Love has included a variety of menu options on "Get Extremely RIPPED! Boot Camp" to keep workout routines fresh and exciting. Produced by Get Ripped Inc. (, the DVD gives participants the versatility to tailor a workout to their fitness goals and personal schedule, featuring:

  • Six 10-minute workouts,
  • Two 30-minute workouts, or
  • One full hour of RIPPED!

Several modifications with the "Get Extremely RIPPED! Boot Camp" make this new DVD different from Love's past workouts. Among the changes are:

  • a mat and dumbbells are the only equipment needed;
  • any additional cardio equipment available at home can be used, although it is not required, and
  • no step is used, yet participants still receive an outstanding workout due to the innovation of new moves she has developed.

"There are so many ways to enjoy this workout," explains Love. "Each workout includes abs, weights and cardio -- so even if the user only has time for one workout, they can still work the total body. Users also can choose from two 30-minute routines or do the complete workout where they alternate abs, weights and cardio for 18 solid tracks. Finally, participants can choose to do just the cardio, just the abs or just the weights. The options are endless and they will never get bored, keeping the body guessing week after week.

Does the Boot Camp workout really work? It has for many of Love's students, including one named Shawna who signed up for Love's gym boot camp after suffering an injury and gaining a fair amount of unwanted pounds. Though feeling a little scared and self-conscious about her weight, Shawna signed up for the program and a new life and was ready to work. She set a goal to lose 100 pounds in a year and after 10 months has shed an inspiring 84 pounds and has decreased her body fat from 48.9 percent to 21.7 percent. "Physically I am so much stronger, and I have a lot more energy," reports Shawna. "I have become addicted to exercise, and it is such a priority that I schedule the rest of my daily activities around it!"

"The Boot Camp workout is tough in the gym and on this new DVD," concludes Love: "We've amped up the intensity for the ultimate calorie burn. But, again, as with all my DVD workouts, we show modifications so anyone from beginner to advanced can feel success and get results."

About Jari Love
Jari Love is the creator of the "Get RIPPED!" fitness workout series. A graduate of Mt. Royal College in Calgary, Alberta, Love is a certified personal fitness trainer with more than 20 years of physical fitness teaching experience, and is the co-owner of the Fitness Plus line of full-service fitness clubs in Calgary. She is the author of "Love and Friends," a celebrity low-fat cookbook, as well as many fitness articles that have appeared in publications throughout North America. She has regularly appeared on numerous television and radio shows across the United States and Canada sharing her fitness and weight-loss secrets, and is a member of the advisory board for Fitness magazine. Maintaining her health has allowed Love to play an active role in her community. She gives the gift of her time to local programs that aid marginalized persons. For more information, visit Jari Love's Web site at, and follow her at and

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