July 10, 2014 11:05 ET

Jari Love, Creator of the Critically Acclaimed Get RIPPED!™ Five-Phase Fitness Series, Introduces 14 New Inspirational Audio Workouts

Award-Winning Composer Todd Washburn Creates Music for Seven Instrumental Audio Workouts and Seven Audio Workouts Power-Packed With Jari Love's Motivational Coaching

LOS ANGELES, CA and CALGARY, AB--(Marketwired - Jul 10, 2014) - To help inspire and motivate consumers in their personal workout routines, fitness expert and certified personal trainer Jari Love is introducing a series of 14 new audio workouts that work seamlessly with high-tech electronic audio devices to enhance fitness sessions for individuals at all skill levels. Creator of the critically acclaimed Get RIPPED! five-phase fitness series, Love sought out the help of award-winning musician, composer and producer Todd Washburn to create audio for seven separate and distinct workouts which are each highlighted with either Jari's motivational coaching or strictly as high-energy instrumental audios.

Now available from Jari Love ( and at iTunes, the downloadable Get RIPPED! Audio Weight and Cardio Workouts with Jari Love ($8.99) and Get RIPPED! Audio Music Mix Instrumentals ($3.99) allow users to activate and energize their mind and body while putting a spring in their step to stay motivated through an entire workout. As a bonus, visitors to the website also can download a FREE copy of "Jari Love's Gluten Free Cookbook" including over 50 recipes and Get RIPPED! fitness tips.

Love says she developed the audio system, not only as a complement to her Get RIPPED! DVD series, but because she observed many of her club members training incorrectly on the treadmill and wasting valuable time on the floor because they did not know exactly how to maximize their workouts. 

"Many people cannot afford a trainer, so I created an audio workout as if I was training one-on-one with clients," explains Jari. "I also believe in putting science into the program. Knowing what heart zones to train in will help individuals train smarter and not harder. These new audio workouts are very effective and most of all fun! 

"Part of the key to success is having the right kind of music to go with the workouts," adds Jari. "I searched for the best in this field and hooked up with phenomenal music composer Todd Washburn. He created the music based on my workouts, so that intensity and speeds matched the music."

Love has included a variety of options for her Get RIPPED! audio workouts to keep fitness routines fresh and exciting. Produced by Get Ripped Inc. (, the audio workouts give participants the versatility to tailor a workout to their fitness goals and personal schedule, featuring:

Seven Audio Workouts and Seven Audio Mix Instrumentals
(Coaching by Jari Love, Music by Todd Washburn)

  • Get RIPPED! Audio Weight Workout: Weights 1
  • Get RIPPED! Audio Weight Workout: Weights 2
  • Get RIPPED! Audio Cardio Workout: Walk Fit
  • Get RIPPED! Audio Cardio Workout: Hot Pepper
  • Get RIPPED! Audio Cardio Workout: Nature Walk
  • Get RIPPED! Audio Cardio Workout: The Chase
  • Get RIPPED! Audio Cardio Workout: Speed Demon

To enhance the audios and Washburn's music, Love added special sound effects so that individuals could use visualization based on where they are. "An example of my sound effects would be the nature walk, which includes bird sounds and running water with the music," says Jari. "With the weight workouts, I added in industrial sounds for a dynamic weight effect. They may be subtle sounds, but they work!"

"The challenge I had producing the Jari Love audio workouts was getting the energy to the absolute max," explains Washburn. "Jari has a laser focus for keeping clients motivated through a workout, and the music needed to reflect that. I really appreciate how the final product is very original -- her style and presentation is both unique and stimulating."

As a producer, Washburn also has been credited with 14 Top-40 Country Radio hits since early 2008, three of which made it to No. 1 on major charts. Additionally, he has served as a composer for many entertainment companies and television shows, including work with CBS ("The Amazing Race," "Let's Make A Deal"), America Now News, Discovery Channel ("Auction Kings"), History Channel ("Cities of the Underworld"), TLC ("Here Comes Honey Boo Boo," "Toddlers & Tiaras," "Property Ladder," "My First Home," "The Little Couple"), Style Network ("Clean House"), Fuse Network ("Videos That Rocked"), HBO and Viacom.

About Jari Love
Jari Love is the creator of the critically acclaimed "Get RIPPED!" five-phase fitness workout system, developed in 2003. A graduate of Mt. Royal College in Calgary, Alberta, Love is a certified personal fitness trainer with more than 20 years of physical fitness teaching experience, and is the co-owner of the Fitness Plus line of full-service fitness clubs in Calgary. She is the author of "Love and Friends," a celebrity low-fat cookbook, as well as many fitness articles that have appeared in publications throughout North America. She has regularly appeared on numerous television and radio shows across the United States and Canada sharing her fitness and weight-loss secrets, and has been a multi-year member of the advisory board for Fitness magazine. Maintaining her health has allowed Love to play an active role in her community. She gives the gift of her time to local programs that aid marginalized persons. For more information, visit Jari Love's website at, and follow her at and

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