SOURCE: Fitness Expert Jari Love

Fitness Expert Jari Love

February 16, 2010 15:07 ET

Jari Love's New "GET EXTREMELY RIPPED! Body Rock" DVD Offers Several Customizable Workout Routines to Challenge the Body and Hold Your Interest

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - February 16, 2010) - Award-winning fitness star Jari Love introduces her new "GET EXTREMELY RIPPED! Body Rock" DVD, which provides the ultimate fitness mix of cardio, dance, body sculpting and abdominal exercises, to create a rock-hard physique. This DVD can be customized, allowing you to choose specific workout sections so you can mix and match them to create several different workouts that will keep you motivated and your body challenged. Love created this DVD to offer her fitness fans more variety, building on the popularity of her previous DVD, "GET EXTREMELY RIPPED! 1000," which was a top 10 choice in Fitness Magazine's DVD round-up.

Research shows that the best way to stick with an exercise routine is to do something you enjoy. All of the fun Latin, jazz, disco and hip hop dance routines in "GET EXTREMELY RIPPED! Body Rock" can be done consecutively for a fun change of pace or they can be done singly when you need a low-impact routine to let your muscles recover from more challenging workouts.

Having once been 50 pounds overweight, Love understands how challenging it can be to adhere to a workout regimen. "I tried quick-fix methods like many people have, but what worked for me was a fun fitness routine and a conservative diet," she says.

Love developed the "GET EXTREMELY RIPPED!" series in collaboration with an exercise physiologist and a physiotherapist to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the routine. She determined that working all major muscle groups in a continuous fashion, and thereby keeping the heart rate elevated, allowed test subjects to constantly burn fat and it revved up their metabolism for hours after they finished exercising.

To stay motivated to lose weight Love offers these tips:

   -- "Mix up your routine so that it doesn't seem torturous to
      work it into your schedule every day.
   -- Discipline makes the difference between one who succeeds
      and one who doesn't.
   -- If you don't have a plan in place, you plan to fail. Write
      down your goals and create a plan to achieve them.
   -- Most importantly, have fun exercising!"

The "GET EXTREMELY RIPPED! Body Rock" DVD is being released February 4 and is available at ($14.99).

About Jari Love

Jari Love is the creator of the "Get Ripped!" series and a certified personal fitness trainer with over twenty years of physical fitness teaching experience. She co-owns the Fitness Plus line of full-service fitness clubs and is on the advisory board for Fitness. She is the author of "Love and Friends," a celebrity low-fat cookbook and many fitness articles that have appeared in national publications. She has also appeared on numerous television shows across the U.S. Maintaining her health has allowed Love to play an active role in her community. She gives the gift of her time to local programs that aid marginalized persons. For more information, visit

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