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May 19, 2008 14:22 ET

Jax Say Hello Unites Mobile Coupons, Traffic Reports and Driving Directions With Free Directory Assistance

The Next Generation of Jax Say Hello Mobile Search Voice Portal Is Launched After Completion of Extensive Citywide Beta Testing Phase

JACKSONVILLE, FL--(Marketwire - May 19, 2008) - Mobile search voice portal provider Jax Say Hello today announced the successful completion of an eight month beta testing phase with the launch of its new enhanced version. The enhanced service of the Jax Say Hello local market advertiser supported voice portal melds the most requested tasks being demanded by today's mobile consumers. The service now includes the industry's broadest array of enhanced Voice and SMS services along with free directory assistance leveraging its many advancements made in automated speech recognition, Voice and SMS Smart Ad Server and rapid development Web-based Live Agent Call Center integration technologies.

"Jax Say Hello has been able to harvest a double-digit percentage of the local directory assistance market in less than a year," said founder and CEO, James J. Geddes, Jr. "Our service has the potential to save Jacksonville consumers more than $20 million annually, with all of the savings remaining here in the local market, something that is of great interest to the local merchant advertisers. And the addition of the new channels for Mobile Coupons, Traffic Reports and Driving Directions further expands the local audience of consumers our advertisers want to reach."

The new voice searchable channels on Jax Say Hello include:

--  Directory Assistance for Residential, Business & Gov't listings
--  Mobile Coupons
--  Traffic Reports
--  Cheapest Gas Price Search
--  Driving Directions
--  Weather
--  Movies
--  Lottery results
--  Sport Scores
--  Horoscopes
--  Airlines & Flight Schedules

Jax Say Hello is the first mobile search technology and media company to make the voice clipping of coupons as easy as it is to request a telephone number. "The umbilical cord that tied consumers to printed local coupons is now a thing of the past. Our Voice and SMS mobile coupon solution takes the local merchant coupon industry into the voice searchable directory services space," said Geddes.

Leaping past the first generation free directory assistance companies Jax Say Hello created an appealing relationship between the local merchants and the local consumers. Jax Say Hello provides this service free to consumers in return for listening to a brief, locally relevant radio style advertisement. In addition, local merchants who traditionally advertise with print coupon envelopes, magazines, postcard decks and directory books can now very affordably reach targeted "Ready-to-Buy" mobile consumers with the Mobile Coupon Channel regardless of the consumers' cell phone type or wireless carrier.

"The wide variety of Voice and SMS services we are able to offer consumers with the added benefit of fail-over Live Agent operator assistance is only possible with a local market focused business model," said Geddes. "On a daily basis we're seeing greater than 90% repeat callers with most calling back every day for a variety of reasons such as needing real time local traffic reports, weather forecasts, sport scores, flight status or even to listen to new movie reviews. The business model is no longer limited to consumers wanting a business telephone number two or three times a month. Because of our rapid development call center integration technology wedded to our Smart Ad Server we're able to create even more consumer friendly channels such as our forthcoming Ask Anything and Price Comparison channels," said Geddes.

In order to make the advertising supported business model possible, Jax Say Hello leverages leading directory assistance speech technology from Nuance to automate a high percentage of their calls. The Nuance hosted DA automation solution both significantly reduces the cost per call, while providing a pleasant experience for the caller.

Underlying the Jax Say Hello advancements is the incorporation of SIP trunking technology from BandTel. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking allows Jax Say Hello to incorporate high quality, economical Internet telephony services, and further demonstrates Jax Say Hello's innovative approaches to serving the local marketplace. BandTel's patent-pending N Plus architecture is rapidly scalable to meet demands as they occur, and is designed to eliminate single points of failure in the telecommunications network.

Voxeo Prophecy SIP media server and SIP application server solutions enable Jax Say Hello to quickly develop and deploy automated speech recognition and intelligent call routing applications. Prophecy's support for VoiceXML and CCXML standards allow these applications to be built with proven web technologies. The Voxeo Prophecy SIP platform is available as downloadable software or as a hosted SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution. Prophecy supports a wide variety of SIP vendors including BandTel.

In addition to launching its enhanced version of Jax Say Hello, the company also launched a new, more user-friendly and expanded interactive web site. The company also unveiled a new logo and tag line as well as a citywide advertising and marketing campaign.

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