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June 23, 2015 12:04 ET

Jazz Launches to Help Employers Bridge the Gap Between Recruiting and Performance

First Platform That Uses Data to Connect Talent Acquisition With Performance Management, Helping Businesses Across All Industries Hire Best-Fit, Top Talent

PITTSBURGH, PA--(Marketwired - Jun 23, 2015) - For six years, The Resumator has helped more than 4,000 fast-growth startups, well-established brands and presidential campaigns find and hire brilliant people. Today, the company relaunched as Jazz and introduced its proprietary Performance Recruiting™ methodology and new platform that will blur the line between recruiting and performance to help growing companies find, hire and develop best-fit talent.

Jazz's Performance Recruiting™ is the first solution that leverages big data insights to help reinforce or reinform future hiring decisions and marks the start of a new era in which performance data will fundamentally shift the way teams and companies are built.

"The feedback loop between performance and recruiting has been missing. Traditionally, recruiting solutions have stopped at the point of hire, and companies have remained in the dark about how performance data can improve hiring decisions," said William Tincup, principal analyst at KeyInterval Research. "Jazz is a pioneer of many of the industry-standard features critical to great recruiting software, and now it's taking recruiting to the next level."

Jazz Performance Recruiting™ allows hiring managers to use current employee performance feedback to uncover the skills and talent attributes that are predictive of candidates who will be top-performing employees if hired. By creating a feedback loop between integrated recruiting and performance tools, Performance Recruiting™ helps employers pinpoint the precise criteria needed to build transformative teams and successful companies.

  • The process begins by creating a Role Model, which is a profile of the ideal candidate based on Jazz's 10 Performer Dimensions, ranging from role-specific aptitude and soft skills to workstyle and cultural fit.
  • Through the hiring process, interviewers are encouraged to assess a candidate's compatibility with the Role Model; these individual assessments merge to create a Role Match and help guide the hiring manager.
  • After a candidate is hired, the hiring team continues to add feedback into the Jazz platform through Role Reviews, which use the Role Model as a framework for lightweight Performance Reviews and Performance Coaching.
  • As performance data is collected, the Role Model is annotated so that hiring managers know which profile characteristics are predictive of future success or failure and where the focus should be for their recruiting efforts.

Jazz provides options for all businesses, regardless of their level of recruiting sophistication. Its "path to Performance Recruiting™" has been created through three distinct product offerings that build upon each other as employers upgrade:

  • Jazz One: An easy-to-use job posting and candidate screening solution. Hiring managers can post jobs and screen candidates without limits on posting volume.
  • Jazz Two: The company's flagship applicant tracking system (ATS). Post jobs without limit, collaborate on interviews, integrate with other HR systems and generate reports to tune your hiring process.
  • Jazz Three: Using the full scope of Jazz's Performance Recruiting™, from Role Model and Role Match to Role Review, this is the world's first Performance Recruiting platform.

"A company's greatest asset is its people, and Jazz represents the gathering of these talented performers," said Jazz founder and CEO, Don Charlton. "As a pioneer of the first non-enterprise recruiting software tool, we have the most insights into the recruiting challenges of growing companies, and now we're taking the interplay between recruiting and HR further than anyone else."

Jazz is defying convention with powerful solutions that help companies set themselves apart from the competition by building unstoppable teams, one high-performance hire at a time. To learn more about how Jazz can help you hire smarter, visit

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