SOURCE: Zion Software, LLC

April 22, 2008 09:48 ET

JBuddy™ Bot Builder Simplifies IM and Text Messaging Bot Development

JBuddy Bot Builder Integrated Development Environment Greatly Simplifies IM and Text Messaging Bot Development, Testing and Deployment

GLASTONBURY, CT--(Marketwire - April 22, 2008) - Privately-held Zion Software, LLC today announced the introduction of JBuddy™ Bot Builder, an integrated development environment (IDE) for rapidly developing, testing and deploying interactive IM and text messaging applications (commonly known as IM Bots or Smart Agents).

Leveraging the JBuddy Bot Framework Version 2.0 also released today, the JBuddy Bot Builder adds an intuitive graphical develop, test, deploy environment featuring a powerful multi-network WYSIWYG Chat Window for testing, click-deployment and click-reloading for live-updating, and real-time status and activity monitoring of all client gateways.

"The convergence of social networks, mobile messaging and distributed real-time collaboration demands smarter, faster interactions. IM and text messaging enabled applications are a great fit and demand for them is on the rise. Today, we've delivered the tools to meet this demand and we're very excited about the possibilities," said David Ferrero, Founder and CTO, Zion Software.

The JBuddy Bot Builder is included within the JBuddy Developer Tools download available at


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