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November 09, 2009 11:00 ET

JCM Global Unveils Two Revolutionary Products at Global Gaming Expo

iVIZION™ Bill Validator and Sentry 2.0™ Bezel Set to Change Industry

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - November 9, 2009) - For the past 20 years, JCM Global has led the gaming industry with peripheral components that have allowed operators to quickly and safely accept wagers and payout winnings at slot machines. These innovative components are vital to the gaming industry's revenue stream. Now at the Global Gaming Expo, JCM Global will unveil two revolutionary new products in booth #2643: the iVIZION™ bill validator and the Sentry 2.0™ bezel that up the ante in performance and capabilities.

iVIZION forever changes the way the gaming industry sees banknote validation. It is the foundation of intelligent validation and sees better, thinks smarter and runs faster than any comparable product in the industry.

iVIZION sees better with Contact Image Sensor (CIS) Technology, combined with transparency and reflective sensors that scan 75 times more data points than competitive products. The result is the best sensor capabilities available, giving operators a 99%+ acceptance rate and the best counterfeit protection.

CIS captures 100% of the full front and back image of a banknote or ticket, resulting in faster banknote-to-banknote processing speed, and a 99%+ acceptance rate. Quicker dispute resolution and validator operation comes from incorporating the Sentry™ bezel where slot floor personnel can see any operational error or show customers the last banknote inserted without opening the machine.

At 85 mm, it has the widest banknote path in gaming, and its sealed banknote path protects against dirt and liquid. It is self-calibrating, and its optical banknote centering technology centers banknotes visually inside the device. Inside iVIZION is the best security combination in gaming: a combined optical and patented mechanical anti-stringing device that detects and prevents manipulation or mechanical cheating.

Backed by 20 years of JCM Global currency software development, iVIZION thinks smarter. Its RFID Intelligent Cash Box (ICB®) captures and stores each transaction on the cashbox for secure and robust data reconciliation. The 600 and 1,000-banknote ICB gives extensive, detailed reporting to slot management that is encrypted and web-enabled.

iVIZION is smarter because it has a component modular design, meaning when future enhancements are implemented, only the component affected would be replaced, not the entire bill validator. Its barcode reader can think horizontally and vertically, giving operators greater flexibility in designing promotional coupons. It is fully compatible with all gaming protocols and interfaces and delivers all industry standards for easy OEM integration.

iVIZION runs faster with two high-speed processors, one solely dedicated to banknote evaluation. It was created with a "Blind Mate" and "Hot Swap" design for easy access, and JCM's patented removable stacker mechanism gives techs easy access to critical components.

iVIZION is future-proof and with both open and proprietary data protocols, its development roadmap includes Managed Services implementation. Additionally, iVIZION deploys JPL, or JCM Private Line, for transmission of custom transaction management application data and future enhancements.

Next, Sentry 2.0™ is the next generation bill validator bezel, utilizing high resolution, high contrast, two-color LCD. Customizable and easily programmable, Sentry 2.0 enables operators to display wide ranging messages in bright, fully functional two-color LCD graphics. It incorporates multi-banknote and multi-language support, and its new IR secure JCM keyfob helps to quickly settle customer disputes.

Also in JCM's booth, Samsung will be demonstrating the latest video wall technology. JCM will show its award-winning UBA®, ICB® and Vega™, and printer products from JCM's partner, TransAct Technologies. Together, the alliance of JCM Global and TransAct Technologies gives operators the "jackpot" in choice for peripheral devices.

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