January 11, 2011 08:30 ET

JDSU Announces Top Tech Trends for 2011

MILPITAS, CA--(Marketwire - January 11, 2011) - JDSU (NASDAQ: JDSU) (TSX: JDU) today announced 2011 technology trends for the markets it serves, from the emergence of 4G to advancements in gesture recognition and clean energy solutions. A supporting video highlighting the trends also premiered at

JDSU top technology trends for 2011 include:

  • Mobility Gets Fitter and Faster to Support New Applications

The smart phone boom and resulting migration to faster and higher-performing wireless networks will continue to be a big focus as mobile traffic grows dramatically in 2011.

"As new wireless network architectures emerge, expect them to better support demanding applications such as mobile video blogging, advanced games and professional services," said Jay Stewart, director of Ethernet Service Assurance at JDSU. "JDSU provides a range of solutions critical to the smooth testing, deployment and management of new LTE and 4G networks to bring new applications seamlessly to the user."

  • Online Video Pushes the Internet to Become More Self Aware

The Internet will continue to grow as a key utility in people's lives in 2011 with millions of people expected to watch full-length TV episodes and movies online, consuming a large portion of bandwidth during peak viewing hours.

"As fast as engineers can create on-demand applications, people are adopting them," said Sinclair Vass, senior marketing director of Communications and Commercial Optical Products at JDSU. "A big priority for JDSU is to support the need for faster data rates, more powerful network switching, and smarter, 'self-aware' network architectures that can handle unpredictable and fast-changing traffic patterns."

  • Gesture Recognition Technology Moves Beyond Gaming

Gesture recognition, technology that lets people control electronic devices using gestures or body movements, made a big debut in 2010 in gaming. In addition to gaming, JDSU is collaborating with companies on new uses for gesture recognition to help people use technology in a more natural way.

"Picture relaxing on your couch and waving your hand to select a movie, order a pizza, or take a video call from your TV without having to fumble for a remote," said Andre Wong, product manager at JDSU. "Or imagine typing or surfing the web using hand movements in the air on a virtual keyboard projected from your smart phone -- the possibilities are exciting."

  • Clean Energy Market Leverages New CPV Technology for Solar

In 2011, countries will further invest and implement clean energy solutions using new approaches such as concentrated photovoltaic technology to efficiently convert sunlight into electricity within solar panels.

"More systems integrators will deploy CPV technology over the next few years, as companies like JDSU produce concentrator chips in mass volumes that will drive lower costs, which is the key to widespread implementation of solar," said Jan-Gustav Werthen, director of CPV technology at JDSU.

  • Authentication Technology Aids in the Fight Against Counterfeiting

In the coming year, counterfeiters will increasingly target a wide range of products for criminal activity, including pharmaceuticals, automotive parts, designer clothing, electronics, and software. To fight this threat, brand owners will turn to integrated solutions that combine optical, stealth and digital technology to authenticate products.

"Brand owners and consumers are very concerned about the financial, liability and safety threats posed by counterfeiting," said Scott Magnacca, sales director of Authentication Solutions at JDSU. "JDSU will help them stay ahead of the counterfeiters with customized security solutions that include advanced overt, covert, web-based and mobile means of authentication."

  • Color Helps to Sell Products

Every year, JDSU publishes an annual color trends report and provides pigments to help brand owners and designers better differentiate products through the use of popular colors. Color trends for 2011 include blue replacing green as the color that represents the environment, white signifying technology, and yellow and pink signaling hope and optimism as the economy recovers.

"Color plays an important role in the buying process and many consumers are willing to pay extra for a desired color on products such as cars or electronics," said John Book, product manager of Custom Color Solutions at JDSU.

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