September 09, 2009 08:00 ET

JDSU Delivers More Than 1,000 Pulsed Lasers to the Biotech Industry

Xcyte Laser Setting the Standard for Cell Sorting Applications

MILPITAS, CA--(Marketwire - September 9, 2009) - JDSU (NASDAQ: JDSU) (TSX: JDU) today announced that it has shipped more than 1,000 Xcyte ultraviolet (UV) lasers to the biotech industry. The Xcyte cell sorting lasers are optimized for use by bio-analytical companies in molecular biology, pathology, immunology, plant and marine biology applications.

Typical cell sorting processes utilize expensive and sometimes carcinogenic bio-fluorescence tags designed to attach to targeted cells. A sample of treated cells is suspended in a liquid and directed into a hydro dynamically-focused stream of fluid which passes through a focused UV laser beam before the cells are separated using florescence detection and electrostatic deflection.

The Xcyte laser has revolutionized this process by using quasi-continuous wave (CW) UV light at high peak power to maximize tag fluorescence efficiency, allowing users to minimize the concentration of expensive, potentially cell-damaging fluorescence tags. Additionally, the short pico-second pulse widths are thought to reduce the risk of live cell DNA strands from unraveling as caused by exposure to CW UV lasers.

As the high frequency 100MHz Xcyte laser pulse rate greatly exceeds instrument detection responsivity and tag fluorescence decay times, there is no noticeable compromise in signal-to-noise ratio relative to signal-to-noise ratios achieved with CW lasers. Reducing the tag concentration and minimizing DNA unraveling helps to maintain live cells, preserve their characteristics and prevent long-term mutation risks for effective and reproducible bio-analytical applications.

Product highlights include:

--  Field-proven reliability
--  Air-cooled laser with no external heat sink
--  Pulsed mode for superior instrument performance

According to Victor David, product line manager of the Communications and Commercial Optical Products business segment at JDSU, "The reliability and efficiency of the Xcyte laser has made it the de-facto standard for high-accuracy cell sorting applications."

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