Jennifer Wood

Jennifer Wood

October 18, 2010 14:18 ET

Jennifer Wood Proposes Councillor Performance Reviews 'Report Card'

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 18, 2010) - In an attempt to put more power in Torontonians' hands, Ward 29 (Toronto-Danforth) City Council candidate Jennifer Wood, is proposing a Councillor Performance Review section on each Councillor's personal web page via City of Toronto website.

"Torontonians deserve to be able to view, grade, and monitor their local Councillor's work at all times", explains Wood. "Councillors are voted in by their constituents, and in the real world, we all get performance reviews so why should it be any different for councillors? Torontonians need to feel more empowered at City Hall and this is a way for them to get active and engaged where it matters in their own backyards."

Woods proposal consists of the following points:

  • Spending records – already in existence, a full accounting of how your City Councillor spends their taxpayer funded office budget.
  • Lobbying records – already in existence, a complete record of who has been lobbying your City Councillor about which item. This information should be easily accessible on the Councillor Review page, to ensure that residents know who is helping to influence their Councillor's decision.
  • Attendance at Council and Committee meetings – A full attendance record will be posted for the various committees, council and other City business meetings that your Councillor has attended.
  • Voting records – Itemized record of how your Councillor voted at Council and Committee meetings easily accessible from their City of Toronto personalized web page. 
  • Motions proposed – Will allow residents to see which motions their local councillor put forth. Councillors can propose motions to amend items that may not necessarily represent their community's best interests. Now residents will be able to access the motions that their Councillor has proposed, see if it passes and if it will benefit the community or City as a whole.
  • Petitions presented – residents submit petitions to their Councillors office for a variety of things including traffic calming, for/against developments or City-wide issues such as tax increases or new fees. Residents should be able to access the petitions that have been presented to their Councillors office to ensure that the City Clerk has received it and that their opinions have been registered.
  • Constituent Survey – have you received good service from your Councillor or their office? You will now be able to fill out a constituent survey which will ask you basic questions to determine if the service you received was adequate, and be able to assign your Councillor an overall grade after each council year. One vote per person for each resident living in the ward. 

"If there's one recurring theme I've heard while canvassing, it's that residents are tired of feeling voiceless at City Hall -- I've come up with a transparent and efficient way for Torontonians to hold their local Councillor accountable at all times—not just during election years", says Wood.

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