SOURCE: Institute for Rehabilitation of Disabled Orphans Tianjin

June 15, 2013 02:22 ET

Jerry J Yu, Accountant, Helps the Institute for Rehabilitation of Disabled Orphans Tianjin as a Producer, Director, and Volunteer

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - Jun 15, 2013) - Jerry J Yu, an accountant and attorney, was the director and executive producer of the annual Charity Christmas Concert to benefit the Institute for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Orphans Tianjin. The orphanage is home to 142 orphans, ranging from infants to teenagers, and the majority of all children are disabled. Oftentimes, according to Yu, orphaned babies are left in soiled diapers when their ration of one-diaper-a-day is used; sometimes, donated toys and clothing disappear; and play rooms are almost always locked because there is insufficient staffing.

His initiative to help these children led to his idea of organizing a Christmas concert. In the face of government opposition so soon after the Tiananmen Square incident, a religiously themed event would appear doomed from the start, but not according to Yu. 

Producing a concert is a grand event, involving hundreds of people. Yu directed a flawless concert, and was involved in everything related to the concert, including: obtaining permission from the Public Security Bureau (the Chinese equivalent of the FBI) to even hold the concert, renting an auditorium (in this case, two auditoriums, due to the sellout of the first concert), visiting various businesses to secure corporate donations, obtaining a piano and sound equipment, recruiting a couple dozen foreign students to be the choir, printing brochures and tickets, and playing piano accompaniment during the concert. On a stage decorated with drawings of Christmas presents and a Chinese-featured snowman, dozens of foreign students from all over the world, with piano accompaniment by Yu, sang a variety of Christmas carols and numerous pop songs, ending with "We Are the World."

The concert is the first of its kind in China, and it raised more than USD1,500 in total proceeds. Yu confirmed that 100% of the money raised was used to help pay for surgeries to correct cleft lip or orthopedic problems, as well as to buy books, educational materials, and health equipment. The concert helped bring media exposure to the plight of abandoned children in China and the increase of adoption of children from China.

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