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September 20, 2010 15:54 ET

"Jersey Shore," "Family Guy," "Supernatural" and "Glee" Will Be the Hottest TV Shows This Fall, According to Questions Asked of kgb 542542 Text Answer Service and kgb Answers

kgb and Are Great Sources for Answers to All Questions About the New Fall TV Lineup

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - September 20, 2010) - Here's the situation: America can't get enough of "Jersey Shore," "Family Guy," "Supernatural" and "Glee," among other shows -- and can't wait for the new fall TV lineup to get rolling this week, judging from the questions being asked of kgb 542542 text answer service and kgb at kgb will track the popularity of the fall lineup by tabulating all their television-related questions every week and will unveil its list of the most asked-about shows every Tuesday.

From queries about Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino and Lois Griffin of "Family Guy" to Sam and Dean Winchester of "Supernatural" and Sue Sylvester of "Glee," kgb 542542 text answer service and its website, kgb Answers,, are being deluged with questions regarding the new Fall TV lineup.

In fact, as of Sept. 15, according to the "kgb TV Standings," the top 10 most asked-about TV shows were (in order):

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In addition to texting kgb for all your new fall TV lineup questions, fans can also visit kgb Answers at and check out the service's most-asked TV show queries for free on the site's television category page Site visitors can search kgb's vast database of millions of questions and answers at no charge. kgb is featuring TV show content to showcase the extensive variety of questions users ask the service -- and the top-quality answers that kgb Agents research in response.

The most popular new fall TV lineup questions asked of kgb to date include (answers provided through the links below):

What is the street and address of the MTV "Jersey Shore" house?

Does Lois from "Family Guy" have a real Rhode Island accent?

Why did Lucifer take over Sam's body in "Supernatural?"

How many people watched the first season finale of "Glee?"

Which episode of "The Office" is the one where Dwight simulates an office fire?

Is Bethany Joy Galleoti leaving "One Tree Hill?"

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