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September 13, 2016 21:57 ET

Jess Ponce Releases New Book "Everyday Celebrity" in Town

The Hollywood World-Class Communication Coach Shares His Unique Methodology The A Factor™ for Everyone to Becoming a Superstar

HONG KONG, CHINA--(Marketwired - Sep 13, 2016) - "Go out there in the world, be yourself and shine like no other!" - Oprah Winfrey (2008). This quote is a motto for Jess Ponce, a highly sought-after American personal branding coach, media consultant and author.

For two decades Jess Ponce worked behind the scenes in TV production, interviewing celebrities and coaching TV hosts, media personalities and experts. From the red carpets of Hollywood's most prestigious award shows to private intimate sit down conversations, Jess has tapped into the authentic essence of some of the world's most popular stars, such as Oprah Winfrey, Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, and Julia Roberts. Jess has also conversed with prominent world figures such as former U.S. President, Jimmy Carter and U.S. civil rights activist, Rosa Parks.

Jess is an outstanding communication coach. Entertainment brands such as Disney, Universal and HGTV regularly seek out his services. But, his work is not limited to Hollywood. He coaches creative executives, CEOs, TEDx speakers and spokespeople. Many businesses, from Nestle to L'Oreal have called on his candor and ability to formulate powerful messages. In his first book, "Everyday Celebrity," he shares his experience and insights from the entertainment business to show how all of us can shine and cultivate our own celebrity-like appeal.

Since 2013, Jess Ponce and Emily Liu, famous business leadership consultant and performance coach in Taiwan, have fused their best-in-class practices together. 'Superstar Communication Workshop' and 'Leadership Presence Workshop' are designed for "everyday celebrity" leaders in Asia. The goal is simple: to coach students to be confident, identify their personal brands and better communicate their unique offer in any circumstance. Results are profound.

"Everyday Celebrity", by Jess Ponce and Emily Liu, offers readers the key to 'be seen'. The authors believe that the only thing you need is to find your true self within. Once you find who you really are, you'll shine like a super star. Jess and Emily are here in Hong Kong for the launch of their new book and media gathering on September 12. They shared key messages from their book, as well as trademarked tools: The 3C's, CQ (Celebrity Quotient) and The A Factor. Jess advocates, "It's time to be seen and shine like a superstar! You can do it by cultivating your celebrity essence: that unique part of yourself that radiates from within."

Jess revealed that he would return to Hong Kong the 22nd to 23rd April, 2017 to hold a two-day 'Superstar Communication Workshop'. Please refer to the AsiaWorks Hong Kong website, social media platform or contact 2803 4455 for further details.

As a boy, Ponce had difficulty with enunciation (being unable to pronounce the 'S' sound properly) and was teased every time when he said his name. It was the influence of these formative years that he decided to train himself on articulation and communication skills, and managed to turn this childhood determination into a career. Taiwanese singer Jimmy Lin was grateful to receive help from Ponce, "Jess helped me to have a deeper conversation with myself: to see that everyone has their own unique quality. All you need to do is put the gift you were born with in the right place and let it shine."

Everyday Celebrity
Co-authored by Jess Ponce and Emily Liu
Publisher:CommonWealth Magazine(July, 2016)
Price: HKD107

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Jess Ponce and Emily Liu designed the 'Superstar Communication Workshop' together since 2013 and created the book "Everyday Celebrity" which has just been launched in Hong Kong.

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Jess Ponce
Jess Ponce is co-founder of Media 2x3, a U.S. based media-company that develops and packages personality brands, key opinion leaders and professionals. He manages spokesperson opportunities, corporate partnerships and speaking engagements for a diverse roster of talent. He also coaches creative executives, TEDx speakers, celebrities and on-air talent from Disney, HGTV, ABC and a variety of other entertainment brands.

Jess is also the creator of The A Factor™, a unique coaching methodology that shows individuals and businesses the power of authentic self-promotion. Jess has worked behind the scenes in Hollywood with countless stars and prominent world figures. He has also conversed with such as former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, Whoopi Goldberg, Julia Roberts, Robin Williams, Billy Crystal and Oprah Winfrey, etc.

With over 20 years of experience in the media like E! Entertainment and TV Guide Channel, plus the experience on coach training in Newfield Network, Jess helps professionals and experts from all industries have celebrity-like appeal throughout the US and the world. Through a partnership with Emily and Asia Works, Jess is sharing his experiential learning worldwide. He lives in Los Angeles and works throughout the U.S. and Asia.

Emily Liu
Emily is an accomplished businesswoman, business consultant, executive & performance coach, speaker and author. She has developed and expanded businesses as the Executive In Charge and as a Consultant and Coach to her clients. Inspired by the impact of personal effectiveness and leadership development, Emily shifted her career path from Advertising & Marketing to Training and Coaching in 1996. Over the next 20 years Emily launched and grew a training consultancy firm that is a well-recognized and respected market leader. The outstanding performance of Taiwan prompted her relocation to Hong Kong to develop business in the North East Asia region. She moved on to the position of Manager Partner responsible for the whole organization. In just Taiwan alone, Emily and her team have served more than 60,000 people. With a commitment to excellence, they provide clients with premier service, products, and learning platforms.

Emily established her own consulting and coaching practice in partnership with her mentor coach Kelly Poulos -- 3rd Hat Consulting Co. Ltd. in 2010. Emily and Kelly co-authored the best-selling book on Performance Coaching "Secrets to Winning". The Chinese version was published in 2012, followed by English version "Secrets to Winning" in 2014 and the Simplified Chinese version in 2015; more than 25,000 copies have been sold. The workshop based on the book "Secrets to Winning" is in demand internationally. The principles shared in the book and workshop have been widely practiced and applied by more than 30,000 people in Asia.

Emily Liu's second book "Singing in the rain" was published in June 2016. "Singing in the rain" documents the wisdom of an international masterful trainer Mr. Jim Cook, who has suffered from Parkinson for the past four years. The proceeds of the book go to the Parkinson Research Foundation.

Emily Liu and Jess Ponce co-created 'Superstar Communication Workshop' & 'Leadership Presence Workshop' in 2013. The purpose of the workshop is to support participants to fully embrace themselves such that they can shine from within, which is the foundation of clear, confident and charismatic communication. The 'Superstar Communication Workshops' is based on experiential learning and it has served more than a thousand of people in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. These two experts decided to share their integrated experiences of the East and the West through the co-authored book 'Everyday Celebrity'. This book was proudly presented in August 2016.

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