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November 03, 2010 07:03 ET

Jesse Young CEO of Per DM Group Questions the Benefits of University Degrees

With graduate unemployment at 8.9pc and our educational system under greater pressure, Jesse Young CEO of Per DM Group asks; "Will this generation enjoy the rewards of gaining a hard earned degree?"

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Nov. 3, 2010) - It has been reported recently that graduate unemployment has reached a 17 year high of 8.9pc. Companies like Per DM Group and its CEO Jesse Young are concerned that this generation may be lost to the nation and they will not reap the benefits of attaining a degree.

A staggering total of 21,020 students, or 8.9pc, who graduated last year are known to be out of work according to the figures released by the Higher Education Careers Services Unit (HECSU) up from 7.9pc in 2008 and 5.5pc the year before. It appears that IT graduates struggled the most with 16.3pc still out of work. Nearly all sectors saw a fall in demand for graduate recruitment.

"There are many factors in this which have put pressure on graduate employment hopes," says Jesse Young CEO of Per DM Group, one of the UK's leading Outsource Sales organisations; "Recession alone has hit all sectors of the economy depressing employment. The appetite for recruitment is just not there and those leaving education are struggling even to get interviews."

With the worst economic downturn since the 1930s and the latest Government budget cuts, the UK is looking at an even greater increase in unemployment with huge numbers losing their jobs in the public sector. "It is my opinion that we all have to look at employment and our working careers from a different perspective," said Jesse, "if we re-examine our skill sets and re-evaluate our ambitions it may just unlock a hidden talent."

Per DM Group specialise in assisting some of the UK's biggest brands in their sales and marketing programmes. It is an organisation that rewards those who do wish to work hard and have an ambition to be successful. The group has grown steadily through the recession and is seeking to recruit graduates right now. "We are continually interviewing and seeking new ambitious graduates who would enjoy the training and the challenge of working in Per DM."

The future is looking bleak for graduates and with even more school leavers going to university their short-term prospects do not look good. The private sector is expected to take up the slack as the public sector shrinks so those who already have the work experience will have the best chance of securing employment.

Graduates should look to organisations such as Per DM Group who believe in motivating and guiding those who seek to be successful.

"Hard work should always be rewarded", said Jesse Young Per DM's CEO.

Per DM Contact Marketing Limited was established in August 2005 in response to the UK markets' need for a field sales organisation capable of delivering high quality results with consistency and reliability.

The company was formed by a group of former UK financial services executives and senior executives from the leading North American field sales agency and since 2005 we have continually recruited leading figures from the B2C and B2B business arena.

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