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July 11, 2007 16:30 ET

JET-HOT® Announces Extreme Sterling™ With Near-Molecular Binding for Thermal Protection

KING OF PRUSSIA, PA--(Marketwire - July 11, 2007) - nCoat, Inc. (OTCBB: NCOA) ("nCoat" or the "Company") recently announced that its newly acquired Pennsylvania-based operating subsidiary, JET-HOT®, Inc., has announced a new high-temperature, high-gloss coating known as "Extreme Sterling™". JET-HOT, which has the only major high-volume automotive after-market coating facility in North America, has developed the coating as the next generation of their signature "JET-HOT® Sterling™" coating, which includes silver particulate powder, that has been leading the market for over 20 years. The Extreme Sterling uses near-molecular (nano-scale) ceramic particulates in its binder formulation that gives the coating an exceptional binding capability.

"With our recent acquisition of JET-HOT and others in the future, nCoat expects to continue to lead the market with cutting edge technology innovations," said Paul Clayson, Chairman and CEO of nCoat. "Using both nano-formulated and non-nano products will drive additional revenue through up selling and cross selling to existing customers with a variety of specification needs. JET-HOT®'s Extreme Sterling is a prime example of our core product development strategy."

Driven by the recent introduction of stricter emissions laws on diesel powered cars and trucks, creating hotter engine temperatures, the Extreme Sterling coating works as a thermal barrier to reduce pipe skin temperatures up to 400 degrees F, reducing the need for higher grade pipes, and thermal wrap insulation materials under-hood. Trucking companies have already embraced this technology as a way to increase engine efficiency in the turbo-charged Class 8 truck segment. Testing is now underway to measure horsepower and fuel efficiency gains that can be achieved by coating various parts affected by heat.

The original JET-HOT® Sterling™ thermal specification maintains a high-gloss finish up to 1200 degrees. Because of its low emissivity and insulating effect, JET-HOT® Sterling™ creates a thermal barrier to protect headers -- inside and out -- while reducing heat transfer into the engine compartment. The next generation JET-HOT® Extreme Sterling™ carries all the core properties of its predecessor, but increases performance specifications of multiple factors. As an example, Extreme Sterling is specified to retain its shine at over 1400 degrees F, and to protect parts up to 1700 degrees F.

In addition to the exceptional appearance the Extreme Sterling provides, the coating offers market-leading functional benefits such as increased horsepower and lower under-hood air temperatures to reduce heat soak and thus thermal degradation of engine parts. Safety factors of the coating include reduction of header surface temperatures and quick cool down. A low flow thermal emissivity test with internal and external diameters of pipes coated with Extreme Sterling showed internal temperatures of 1201 degrees F were reduced to 536 degrees F on the external surface of the pipe. The external skin temperature reduction was 100 degrees F cooler than previous Sterling products. The Extreme Sterling also provides increase benefits for thermal shock, chip resistance, impact resistance, dry adhesion and corrosion resistance.

Markets for the Extreme Sterling include automotive OEM and aftermarket, motorsports, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, snowmobiles, diesel engine truck exhaust systems and aerospace and aircraft manufacturing. Extreme Sterling is currently being sold and applied to several customer projects.

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About JET-HOT®

JET-HOT® Coatings offers thermal barrier, lubritic and corrosion resistance coating applied on autos and bikes -- from street rods and dragsters to classics and exotics -- snowmobiles and over-the-road trucks. JET-HOT® is a market leader in header coatings applications producing low emissivity and ceramic insulating characteristics which create thermal barriers on both the interior and exterior surface of headers. Founded in 1981, JET-HOT®'s products and customers include military applications on jet-fighter engines and submarine parts subjected to high temperatures, cyclical stress loads and corrosive environments and automotive products for performance racing and consumer applications. Racing teams use the coatings for safety factors by reducing header-surface temperatures, quick cool down and horsepower enhancements.

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