November 09, 2011 09:00 ET

The Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase and Planet LA Records Host Elizabeth Smart and Good Morning America at NYC Event Drawing Attention to Missing Persons

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Nov 9, 2011) - On November 6th, The Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase and Planet LA Records hosted an event at The Gibson/Baldwin Showroom in New York City to bring attention to missing and exploited persons in the United States. The afternoon concert brought New York area songwriters out to perform as part of the New York leg of "The Squeaky Wheel Tour" which ties in the songwriter community to the movement to find missing persons.

Ed and Elizabeth Smart were on hand to lend their support and Good Morning America filmed the event to be incorporated into a forthcoming segment on the long-running ABC morning show.

"Awareness makes all the difference in helping to find the missing and events like this really help to generate that awareness," said Ed Smart.

Local press and representatives from EMI were also in attendance to watch as accomplished songwriters including Emanuel Ayvas, Dorie Colangelo, Emily Mure and Jimmy Lloyd performed in between speakers who addressed the audience to talk about the many missing and exploited persons in the US who are never located and its ripple effects on the families and communities of the missing. Elizabeth and Ed Smart spoke specifically about abduction prevention education for children.

"The Squeaky Wheel Tour" is a captivating experience, it moves you in ways very few shows can. In between sets, there is almost an unspoken moment of silence between the performer and audience members. It is in those moments that respect is paid to those who are missing and the loved ones affected," said Aurora Pfeiffer, an A&R rep from EMI who was in attendance.

The eclectic line up of performers was assembled by Jimmy Lloyd, who produces and hosts the NBC syndicated TV program The Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase, which spotlights up-and-coming songwriters. "I think those of us fortunate to have media access should do whatever we can to help bring attention to the cause of missing and exploited persons and we are so thrilled to be involved in this special day," said Lloyd who was asked by the tour's organizer, Jannel Rap, to help with the New York City event.

"The Squeaky Wheel Tour" is a program of, which has a mission to gain media exposure for missing persons and help bring them home. It was started by Jannel Rap, whose sister Gina, a songwriter, went missing after a performance in Lincoln, Nebraska in 2000 and was never found.

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