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October 09, 2013 11:55 ET

Jingit Introduces the First Omnichannel Shopper Marketing Platform That Merges Advertising and Payments to Power the Engagement Economy

Most Significant Platform Update to Date Introduced at Shopper Marketing Expo; Jingit Innovation Earns Company a Spot as Featured Show Exhibitor

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Oct 9, 2013) - Brands and retailers know it pays to value their customers' time. They just never realized they could do it so literally -- and have it be so effective at driving revenue and ongoing loyalty. Today at the Shopper Marketing Expo, Jingit (Booth #231) launched its most significant platform update since the product's launch in 2010, enabling retailers and brands to better engage with shoppers across multiple channels. This latest Jingit update allows brands to drive retail banner-specific engagement without losing the personalized shopper interactions they desire. The industry requested a simple way to tie traditional media to digital, and now Jingit delivers exactly that.

Jingit offers shoppers the ultimate incentive: instant cash for engaging with retailers and brands at any step in the transaction process and from any media point: print/FSI, signage, TV, online, banner ads, mobile and social. Shoppers use Jingit via their smartphone to access personalized, time-sensitive engagements and offers. Engagements can include watching a brief ad, taking a short survey, checking in with a product in-aisle, or any combination a brand desires. Once the product engagement is complete, the consumer instantly earns cash -- along with the ability to spend it immediately. Retargeting is simple. For example, Jingit uses feedback from surveys and specific shopper actions to deliver personalized offers to the individual.

This sequenced conversation complements traditional marketing, and includes the consumer throughout the entire lifecycle in an opt-in manner that protects privacy. Already, dozens of household brands including 7UP, Hillshire Farm and Kellogg's are tapping Jingit to go beyond simply generating impressions to building ongoing direct product engagement with shoppers that positively influence sales. 

The Future of Shopper Marketing is Here
Until now, brands and retailers have been forced to make a choice about their shopper marketing strategies. Should they focus on traditional media or digital media? How do the marketing needs of a retailer get reconciled with those of a brand, and vice versa? Jingit delivers a simple way to complement what works best about traditional marketing methods and satisfy the unique needs of everyone involved in the shopper marketing ecosystem. 

"Existing ad tech solutions have failed to address advertisers' and merchants' needs while engaging shoppers on their terms," said Joe Rogness, co-founder and CEO of Jingit. "In today's era of the empowered consumer, interactions must be prompt and personalized, offers need to be relevant and rewarding, and shoppers want control of their privacy. Jingit delivers a true omnichannel digital engagement solution that complements, not competes, with traditional advertising and promotions. We don't disintermediate a retailer from their shoppers, we bring balance and ROI metrics to a hectic marketing world, and we bring TV, radio and print media to life, providing a digital transition strategy. Jingit offers a simple answer to shoppers' perennial question 'Why should I care?,' along with providing a respectful way for retailers and brands to both get what they want out of their shopper marketing spend."

What's New
For Retailers
Merchants want to track their marketing dollars to optimize media spend, build consumer loyalty and ultimately recapture those funds. This is what Jingit facilitates:

  • Influence the Shopper across the Entire Path to Purchase: Jingit helps retailers meet the shopper at the right time, right place, with the right context. With a retailer's banner and their thematic to drive store selection and trip frequency, drive aisle awareness and basket size, incent the transaction and quarantine spend to a retailer's locations, and reward loyalty with personalized post-purchase engagement and offers.
  • A Digital Roadmap on a Retailer's Terms: Wherever a retailer is with its mobile platform maturity, Jingit has them covered with its mobile app (iOS and Android) and an SDK that integrates with a retailer's app. Plus, Jingit delivers continuity across marketing channels, customer data, payments integration, loyalty integration and scalability.
  • No Disintermediation, Real-Time Transactions: For merchants, all earned or reserved offers can be quarantined to their stores, and even tied to a specific brand. Further, Jingit's payment platform manages expiring or non-expiring currency. Jingit ties all activities and offers to a consumer profile, providing the ability to manage time sensitive, threshold managed offers. Jingit achieves the "holy grail" by bringing any/all quarantined marketing dollars into the transaction in real time. This helps to eliminate risk and fraud.
  • Oversight & Tooling: Jingit features a sophisticated back office that serves as the Command Center for all platform management. Retailers get the tools to easily handle thousands of suppliers, tens of thousands of personalized engagements and offers, and millions of customers. 

For Brands
Advertisers want ROI with measured engagement, not impressions. Jingit enables brands to connect with consumers using cash as the ultimate conversation starter:

  • Connect with Consumers: Whoever a brand's customers are, Jingit tailors targeted, paid engagements that deliver measurable results, online, or via a mobile device. Jingit offers a "no risk, no waste" way to create an ongoing relationship with a brand's best customers, on a 1:1 basis by rewarding consumers with instant cash for engaging with a brand.
  • Drive Shopping Behavior: Jingit helps brands reach target consumers with videos, questionnaires and individualized offers to influence their store selection and in-aisle shopping behavior.
  • Incent & Track the Purchase: Jingit features personalized real-time offer redemption tracking to ensure proof-of-purchase through the sales lifecycle. Jingit encourages immediate purchase with time-sensitive offers, validates a product was purchased with a brand's campaign spend, and helps brands engage with consumers as often as they'd like. Jingit also allows the flexibility to manage multiple budgets and turn off campaigns to prevent over-subscription once an allotted budget has been reached.
  • Re-target Consumers: With Jingit, brands can re-engage consumers who have purchased or engaged with a product and build consumer loyalty. Consumer demographics, key insights, product and location data are reported, allowing brands to effectively continue the 1:1 conversation. Brands can also re-target or cross-sell based on purchase history, activity and consumer insights gained during their Jingit campaigns.

To Learn More about Jingit
Retailers and brands interested in learning more about Jingit can contact Justin James, Jingit's Director of Marketing, at or 763-213-3817. 

Jingit is the first and only company that uses instant cash as the ultimate "conversation starter" between consumers, brands and retailers. The company puts consumers on the path to purchase through a unique process that enables brands and retailers to connect with consumers, drive desired shopping behaviors, incent and track purchases and, finally, re-target that consumer to build ongoing loyalty. Jingit allows merchant and brand dollars and currencies to be managed for use according to prescribed terms, such as location and expiration. This merger of advertising and payments can increase merchants' traffic, build loyalty, recapture lost marketing funds, and reduce or offset interchange costs, all while delivering ROI for brands and respect for the consumer. With Jingit, brands and retailers don't just drive impressions with consumers, they drive impact. Founded in 2010, Jingit is headquartered in Minneapolis. For more information about Jingit, visit Follow Jingit on Facebook and Twitter. 

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