April 21, 2009 15:43 ET

JiWire Steps Up Mobile Audience Targeting With New Ad Campaign for McCann WorldGroup and Microsoft

JiWire Pinpoints Affluent Decision-Makers Through Its Wi-Fi Media Channel

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - April 21, 2009) - JiWire announced its rebirth as a mobile audience media company with launch partner McCann WorldGroup. The agency is running an advertising campaign for Microsoft's Office 2007 Home and Student editions that targets affluent consumers on JiWire's Wi-Fi media channel. The new JiWire gives advertisers targeted and measurable ways to reach people on wireless devices such as laptops, netbooks and Wi-Fi enabled phones.

JiWire delivers interactive and measurable advertising campaigns to the 43 million people using public hotspots, combining the best of out-of-home with Internet advertising. The company's Wi-Fi media channel reaches an audience that is three times more likely to have a higher income than the general population and is twice as likely to have a management function, than major business publications. This makes JiWire's audience desirable for any advertiser looking to reach more active purchasers (based on research data from Nielsen Claritas).

McCann WorldGroup and Microsoft are using JiWire's media channel for a new advertising campaign to increase purchase intent of Microsoft's Office 2007 Home and Student editions. Instead of demographic-only targeting, the campaign uses geo-targeting to reach families with more accuracy. McCann, responsible for strategy and creative, leveraged JiWire's ability to reach parents of school-age children with relevant messages about the Student Edition, and high-income families with messages about the Home Edition.

"JiWire gives us a new set of options to create localized and personalized creative that lets us connect people with brands in ways that were unachievable before," said Marc Ruxin, executive vice president and chief innovation officer at McCann WorldGroup. "With JiWire, we can micro-target an audience, and knowing exactly who will be viewing our advertisements makes for less waste and a higher attention level. We find that this form of media provides us with a very receptive audience."

The ability to target at a more granular level gives McCann the opportunity to develop messages that are relevant to the audience and the environment, creating a more effective campaign. While the advertisements look similar to regular display ads, they are more effective because of their relevancy. Some reference local landmarks or give business travelers who are using Wi-Fi in an airport or hotel a virtual greeting card with local sites to send home from the city they are visiting. Other ads cite local reputable schools or point out how many school days remain in each school district to promote Microsoft Office.

"At Microsoft, we're always looking to leverage new opportunities to be more relevant and engaging with our customers," Bill Capodanno, Director of Customer Experience Architecture at Microsoft. "Digital channels enable us to measure, optimize and refine our efforts in real-time. The program that McCann and JiWire shaped via JiWire's Wi-Fi hotspot channel to better target our audience for our Microsoft Office campaign is a great example of the innovative opportunities in which we continue to invest our marketing dollars."

"We have a deep understanding of who is using wireless networks and therefore have the ability to be that much more targeted, which is particularly important in the current economy," explained Kevin McKenzie, founder and chief executive officer of JiWire. "As people increasingly access the Internet from places outside of their home and office, JiWire's goal is to leverage this for advertisers while enabling wireless Internet service operators to monetize their networks."

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