April 29, 2013 06:00 ET

JKM Ribbon Looks Ahead to Prom Season

As Prom Season Nears for Many High School Girls, Last Minute Dress Selections Prove More Difficult; JKM Ribbon Provides Insight on Ways to Make Prom Dresses Unique and Personalized in Accordance With Popular Trends

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Apr 29, 2013) - As a comprehensive provider of trims, ribbons and fashionable decorations, JKM Ribbon has had a lot of experience discovering how important details are when it comes to choosing dresses. From costumes to bridal gowns, JKM Ribbon has proven a solid resource for those who want to add-on last-minute trimmings to their dresses for that personalized touch.

For this reason, JKM indicates the approaching prom season as one where teenage consumers face difficulty making dress selections. In a recent press statement, the company states, "Prom season is one filled of last-minute dress decisions, which can sometimes mean girls are not getting the looks they want. However, we have found that ribbon and trim additions can change that perspective quickly."

A recent article from The Dish highlights the many different problems girls may have looking for dresses this late in the prom season. In fact, the article observes that many girls have to often claim their dresses early in the year if they want to make sure they are the first of their class to have it. The Dish notes, "Prom is serious business; you don't mess around with the dress. No one wants a 'who wore it best' moment."

While many may work to avoid this issue, JKM Ribbon offers a unique solution and comments in its press statement, "For those that are trying to avoid a copycat situation, or simply want to alter the style of the dress late in the season, ribbon can provide that last minute fix for personalization. Prom time is close and the perfect dress needs the perfect accent. JKM Ribbon & Trims has an excellent assortment of sequins, deco jewelry, wristlets, rhinestones and bracelets to embellish your look."

When it comes to embellishments, The Dish suggests that these looks may be hard to find -- although they are high in demand among prom-goers. For instance, one woman in the article states, "Sequins and big chunky jewels are very popular." However, JKM Ribbon notes that many consumers may have trouble finding dresses already matched to fit this edgy style.

"We witness many customers looking to add-on unique elements that can make a good dress great. While retailers may not offer a lot of dresses to match this trend, prom-goers can easily make alterations to give their dress that specific flair -- even if it is just a small detail. For example, from decorative wristbands to large jewelry, JKM's selection will coordinate perfectly with the color of your dress," JKM Ribbon concludes in its press statement.


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