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October 09, 2008 13:00 ET

Job Magnet: Top Ten Fun Jobs Available in B.C.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Oct. 8, 2008) - Job Magnet - Not sure what job to apply for? Trying to figure out what will fit your personality? Good. Here's a little help. Here's a selection of the top ten fun jobs available in B.C. in late-night form. Not quite David Letterman, but hopefully interesting nonetheless.

Outdoorsy, much?

Let's start with personality type #1...are you more athlete than math-lete? Look for something that will get you moving and inspire OUTDOORSY you. These jobs are for those who know that water-resistant and water-proof are NOT the same thing.

1. Gardening Assistant: Put your well-chiseled shoulders to work. Your heart rate won't know the difference between raking leaves and a session at the gym. Get raking, digging and pruning...and breathe in that fresh air. Invigorating. You may even discover muscles you never knew you had.

2. Dog Walker: Perfect for your cross-training days. Even more ideal for the peeps who just moved into a dorm and left the family dog at mom and pop's. Break out your Hush Puppies and spend some quality time in the great outdoors with Fido and Fifi.


Has anyone ever told you to get your nose out of that book (or MacBook)? Well, we're suggesting you keep it there. Put your BOOK SMARTS to financial use.

3. Tutor: There are plenty of people out there who need some extra help to hit their academic goals. So why not use your knowledge of geothermal patterns and 16th century literature to help them out? Score a part-timer with some students in need of a brainy mentor.

4. Lab Assistant: Want to score a reference from a head-honcho in your department at college? Department and lab assistants score cool knowledge and mention mentorship moments with the Prof. Or even better the T.A. - you realize they're the ones who actually grade your papers right?


Can't sit still? If you're the type of person who can handle a pot on the stove, talking to your sister Gina on the phone and prepping for your quiz all at the same time, these jobs are for you. Calling all very busy bodies...aka Multi-taskers.

5. Barista: If you work best under pressure and often wonder why others can't keep up with you then you will love working with lattes. Whether it's the rush of people or the constant flow of double espressos there is sure to be a buzz of energy on every shift.

6. Grocery Store Clerk: From produce, to bagging, to that 'clean up in aisle three' there is never a dull moment at your favorite food store. Put your multi-tasking, quick-thinking and fast feet to work. Did we mention the discount on life's essentials? This is one giant fridge that you definitely want to be a part of.

7. Pizza Delivery: Garner some alone time on the road, blast M.I.A. on the stereo and work as fast as the queen bee's best bumble. A fast-paced food delivery job might be a dream for you. Your license to serve might even come with extra cash for car mileage. Throw in a few slices of pepperoni and you have a money deal...literally.

Social Butterfly?

Hey Chatty Cathy. Do you love the spotlight? Are you looking for a job that still lets you be the life of the party? Read on SOCIAL BUTTERFLY.

8. Promotions: Eye-catching uniforms, free products, and an ever-changing group of could life get better than this? For guys and gals who don't want the word "office" in their personal dictionary set your sights on a promotions team. Get paid to chit-chat and meet-and-greet.

9. Restaurants: Have you ever walked into a restaurant, scanned the servers and thought, "Hey these people all look like they're really having fun. Could that be possible? Can a job be a social experience?" The answers are yes and yes. Many restaurants are full of staff who are like you: young and fun. Put those theatre skills to work and apply now Monsieur or Madame Butterfly.


Do you know way more about Betsey Johnson than Lyndon Johnson? P.S. LBJ doesn't stand for Little Black Jumper. Yes, you are indeed a FASHIONISTA.

10. Retail Clothing Store: Two words. Discount and discount. If you are a fashionista sista or guy who has more limited-edition Nike kicks than your mother has pearls, apply at your favorite store. Help unfortunate, fashion-challenged souls understand how to handle skinny jeans, Kardashian curves and cashmere. Help that pasty skater dude decide if he should opt for the mustard-yellow hoodie. Put your Project Runway skills to use. Help us all!

So there you have it: the top ten fun jobs. Want more tips? Check out our site for ongoing job advice. After all everyone needs a little sage and seasoned advice from time to time. That's why we have grandparents and now Job Magnet.

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