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September 09, 2013 09:00 ET

Jobularity Launches to Match Employers and Job Seekers Based on More Than Skills and Work Histories; Calls the Resume a Relic

New Company to Revolutionize the Recruiting Industry by Bringing Together Companies and Potential Job Seekers Based on a Complete View of Each Other

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 9, 2013) - Jobularity today announced the launch of a new social recruiting platform. Created to arm recruiters with new tools optimized for the social media age and give candidates a platform to more effectively sell themselves as potential employees, Jobularity paves the way for a new job market in which organizations calibrate open positions not only with a job seeker's skills and experience but with personal aspirations, personality and life's passions. By extending the qualification process beyond traditional skills and relevant work experience, Jobularity makes the conventional resume obsolete. Jobularity helps companies reduce churn by matching people and companies based on a complete set of aligned interests and helps job seekers find the right opportunity for their success -- before an in-person interview is ever conducted.

Jobularity was founded on the premise that for job seekers, true satisfaction in employment occurs when the candidate finds the right balance between work experience and life's passions. Studies show the average professional under the age of 30 changes jobs every two years, compared to the five-to-seven-year rate of previous generations.1 This is important because time spent to interview, select and on-board a new employee results in lost productivity and revenue. Couple this with the fact that replacing an employee can cost more than $18,000, it's crucial that employers take a more well-rounded approach to recruiting.2

"Finding true compatibility is essential to lasting partnerships that meet the goals of both job seekers and companies in today's ultra-competitive environment. Yet traditional tools like resumes don't even scratch the surface on gauging a true fit," said Jeff Freeland, founder and CEO of Jobularity. "As a result, we engage in a high-stakes game of Russian roulette where it's impossible to tell if an opportunity is perfect for both parties. Jobularity takes the risk out of the process by finding purposeful matches that ensure long-term success."

According to Freeland, the traditional resume, which has not been updated as a hiring tool, looks in the rear-view mirror to offer a one-dimensional, historical aggregate of a job seeker's past. The Zumay™, an alternative to the conventional resume and a central component of Jobularity, is forward-looking, providing an insight into who a job seeker really is and what he or she can do.

The Zumay showcases job seekers through a video biography, video references and descriptions of professional goals and personal attributes. The Zumay communicates a holistic view of the job seeker's experiences, personality, impact at prior workplaces, and capabilities and aspirations for the future. This enables hiring managers to select candidates who are a fit in all aspects of importance, including experience, work style, desires, disposition and energy.

Additionally, the Zumay includes up to three detailed video references. Other online recruiting tools permit job seekers to garner dozens of superficial text endorsement from anyone, creating more noise and difficulty in deciphering the important information -- rendering those tools useless. Video references are precise and reputable and eliminate the tedious task of checking candidates' references via phone or email.

Jobularity and the New Recruiting Process

Jobularity packages together the following components to perfectly match employers and job seekers:

  • A user-created profile that showcases the whole individual: goals, character and motivations -- in addition to achievements, skills and work histories.
  • Video components that help to convey the majority of communication that is non-verbal. This allows companies and prospective employers to move beyond written communications and includes:
    • Monologues from job seekers that provide hiring managers insights that cannot be communicated via email or a paper resume, such as verbal skills and energy levels.
    • Personalized messages from CEOs and department heads that describe the company's mission and vision, the open position, the team with which a job seeker would work, and the ideal candidate. Such videos provide applicants a more complete overview of the company at which they are vying for a position, and impressions on fit before they meet for the first interview.
  • An intuitive dashboard allows job seekers to monitor interested employers, track applications and respond to requests for appointments, eliminating the chaos associated with using multiple platforms.

About Jobularity
Jobularity enables companies and job seekers to connect in a more meaningful way. The company's recruiting platform connects people and companies based on alignment of passion, vision and mission. It offers innovative tools to both recruiters and job seekers -- such as video, targeted and meaningful references and comprehensive dashboards -- that minimize the cost of locating and hiring the right employees, while ensuring the right fit and a lasting relationship between job seeker and employer. For more information, visit:

1 Renaud, Joe, "Study Finds that Millennial Change Jobs Every Two Years," Aug. 30, 2012,

2 Ciccone, Alicia, "The True Cost of Hiring Employees," June 4, 2012,

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