SOURCE: Jockey International, Inc.

Jockey International, Inc.

May 30, 2013 13:00 ET

JOCKEY Reinvents the Bra

New JOCKEY® bra, With Patented Volumetric Fit System, Gives Women a Near-Custom Fit

KENOSHA, WI--(Marketwired - May 30, 2013) -   Women often complain about their bras -- poor fit, underwire problems, inconsistent sizing, and discontinued styles. Jockey International, Inc. has the solution to these problems. The newest JOCKEY® bra features volumetric sizing, replaces underwires with a 3-D Contour support and guarantees consistent sizing in styles that will not be discontinued.

Designed by women, for women, JOCKEY bra's patented Volumetric Fit System replaces the 80-year-old alphanumeric sizing format. This revolutionary fit system measures both the volume of a woman's breast, as well as her under-bust measurement, resulting in the closest thing to a custom-made bra. Jockey conducted eight years of research and development, including the 3-D scanning of more than 800 female bodies, to design JOCKEY bra, and now women have a bra that they will enjoy wearing every day.

Would you measure water in a pitcher with a tape measure? No. So why would you measure a woman's breast with a flat measuring tool? With its revolutionary new Volumetric Fit System, JOCKEY bra invites women to order a JOCKEY bra Fit Kit to measure the volume of their breast via a unique cup system to find their perfect fit. The Fit Kit includes 10 volumetric fit cup sizes and a color-coded measuring band to measure the body's under-bust measurement.

The JOCKEY bra's new fit system will help women find their perfect fit no matter what style. The JOCKEY bra features 55 sizes with a unique and patented 3-D Contour support, which replaces old-fashioned and often uncomfortable underwire. This new armature supports, cups and shapes the breast without any poking, giving women a comfortable fit. 

Once women determine their size, they can select from five bra style options, including Classic Contour, Tailored Contour, Double-Lined Contour, Classic-Soft Cup and Double-Lined Soft Cup. They will then choose from three colors: black, nude and white. Each bra retails at $60. Jockey offers a "Love at First Fit, Guaranteed" promise or your money back. And unlike other bras, Jockey will not discontinue any style, so a favorite bra will always be available.

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