January 24, 2016 17:03 ET

John Gomez -- Gomez Trial Attorneys -- Continues Efforts to Compensate Salmonella Victims

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - January 24, 2016) - Founder and president of Gomez Trial Attorneys, John Gomez continues to fight for the victims of the Salmonella Poona outbreak. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently announced that the number of cases is continuing to grow. As it takes time for the illness to be recognized and reported, the agency says that it is possible more cases will be announced in the weeks to come. As of October 14, 2015, there were a total of 767 cases reported across 36 states, with Florida being the most recent state to be impacted. There have so far been 4 deaths known to be related to the outbreak.

John Gomez is concerned about the rights of the consumers who have been affected by the epidemic. Food poisoning can cause a range of distressing symptoms including severe abdominal cramps, nausea or vomiting, fever, diarrhea, headache, and fatigue. In some cases, victims need to be hospitalized and monitored. Not only can such an illness be disturbing, but it can lead to financial loss from medical bills and time lost from work. Most healthy adults can recover from a Salmonella infection without being hospitalized, but for those with a weakened immune system, young children, and the elderly, an infection can quickly become very dangerous, and in some cases life-threatening. People who consumed contaminated cucumbers from northern Mexico are at risk, with half its victims being under the age of 18. While the distributor has been determined -- San Diego based Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce -- and the vegetables have been recalled, it is difficult for consumers to know for sure if they have come into contact with the cucumbers or not. Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce traditionally distributes to a range of grocer and restaurant outlets such as Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Walmart, and Safeway.

Salmonella poisoning is the second largest cause of intestinal infection in the United States. A contagion can lead to symptoms that last for days, as well as complications such as reactive arthritis and a focal infection. It is unlikely that contaminated cucumbers are still on the shelf, but people may still develop symptoms of the disease and need to be hospitalized. John Gomez understands the plights of victims of food poisoning, a common issue with the complex challenges that food regulators face in today's climate of dynamic agricultural trade. Legal assistance is available, and there has already been at least one reported lawsuit involving the Mexican Cucumber Salmonella outbreak. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a woman from Minnesota who had to be hospitalized after eating a salad from one of the impacted restaurants and developing symptoms. For anyone who believes they are ill from a contamination, it is important to seek medical attention. Most patients are treated with antibiotics and some may need rehydration as well.

Yale Law graduate, John Gomez has founded Gomez Trial Attorneys in 2005 to advocate for victims of illness, injury, and other injustices. Over his career, he has become one of California's most highly accomplished trial lawyers, earning the title of national Lawyer of the Year in 2010. He has been recognized multiple times by local and regional news outlets for his work in philanthropy. Gomez routinely commits his time and resources to charitable causes in the community, including helping kids at risk, and supporting Latino issues. He has developed a team of highly qualified and committed legal professionals so that Gomez Trial Attorneys remains an effective, positive force in San Diego.

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