January 06, 2016 13:50 ET

John Gomez -- Gomez Trial Attorneys -- Explains the Importance of New CalECPA Bill

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - January 06, 2016) - John Gomez, founder and owner of Gomez Trial Attorneys, has recently explained the significance of the new California Electronic Communications Privacy Act (CalECPA). Currently, CalECPA is the most comprehensive digital privacy law in the nation, and it aims to protect individuals' privacy by requiring state law enforcement to get a warrant before they are granted access to electronic information about a person's identity. This includes digital content, location information, metadata, and devices like cell phones. Governor Jerry Brown signed the landmark CalECPA (S.B. 178) on October 8. 2015, after getting authorized in both chambers of the California legislature with 2/3 support. According to polling data, 82% of Californian voters across the political spectrum supported warrant for access to digital information, which is the exact protection covered in the S.B. 178.

John Gomez, who was named the top attorney in San Diego County in July 2015, explains that the new CalECPA bill will help spur innovation by updating state privacy law to accommodate Californians' expanding use of technology. "In essence, the CalECPA bill ensures that police will never have access to a person's private information without an appropriate warrant from a judge," explains Gomez. Thoughtful exceptions have been included to ensure that law enforcement can continue to effectively and efficiently protect public safety in emergency situations. "As the largest state to enact legislation like this, this law will have the largest impact," explained Gomez. Users of California-based service providers now know that online privacy has taken a big step forward. Given CalECPA's wide reach, it is likely to become a national standard thanks to California's large technology presence.

American residents use the Internet every day to connect, communicate, work, and learn, and the California economy is powered by consumer confidence in these services. Unfortunately, the state's privacy law had remained largely unchanged over the past years, allowing law enforcement agents to access emails, text messages, digital documents, and other such types of digital content without proper judicial oversight. This resulted in damaged faith from the public in technology, with companies becoming increasingly concerned about the loss of consumer trust. The business impacts of eroding public confidence brought on by unwarranted government monitoring has prompted California's leading technology businesses to support the enforcement of S.B. 178, The California Electronic Communications Privacy Act (CalECPA). Some of the most notable supporters include Adobe Inc.,Apple Inc., Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla; and several organizations such as American Civil Liberties Union of California, Center for Media Justice, and Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Founder of Gomez Trial Attorneys, John Gomez graduated from Yale University in 1993. Upon becoming a trial lawyer in 2000, Gomez has established himself as one of California's top attorneys, having received numerous awards to date. In 2010, Lawyers USA named him the National Lawyer of the Year, and he was voted by peers as a top 10 San Diego Super Lawyer in 2012, 2013, and 2014. He was also twice named San Diego's Trial Lawyer of the Year. John Gomez is also known for his commitment to many charitable causes involving kids at risk, Latino causes, local hospitals, the prevention of drunk and distracted driving, and more.

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