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May 23, 2011 08:30 ET

John St. Cyr, MD, PhD and Linda M. Shecterle, PhD, International Experts in the Use of D-Ribose in Cardiovascular Disease and Increasing Vitality, Will Assist in Formulating and Launching the New NuVim Wellness/Weight Control Product Line

MAHWAH, NJ--(Marketwire - May 23, 2011) - NuVim, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: NUVM) a leading provider of nutritional refrigerated and shelf stable ready to drink beverages and powder mixes announced today that John St. Cyr, MD, PhD. and Linda M. Shecterle, PhD will be instrumental in directing the final secret formulation of the new NuVim Wellness/Weight Control product line. Between them they have published over 60 documents relating to the use of D-Ribose in cardiovascular disease and daily vitality since the mid-1980s. D-Ribose will be added to the Wellness/Weight Control formula which has been under qualitative research for the last 90 days. With the addition of D-Ribose to the all natural formula, NuVim Wellness/Weight Control products will provide benefits which will include daily vitality, energy recovery, immune enhancement, increase the absorption of minerals/vitamins from the diet, consistent digestion, and muscle, bone, and now cardiovascular health.

Both Dr. St. Cyr and Dr. Shecterle commented, "We are both impressed with the work NuVim has done over the years in focusing their efforts to improve the everyday quality of life of people who desire and work to be healthy. Their efforts in attempting to educate people in proper eating behavior, exercise and good nutrition are commendable. We are pleased to now be a part of the NuVim team and look forward to helping in the final reformulation stage and promote the new Wellness/Weight Control product line. In addition, we both will be communicating the NuVim health benefits to the general public and the medical community. We also thank Dr. Addis and Ruth Carey L.D. for their activities with NuVim to bring this new NuVim product this far and look forward to working with them in the final leg of this product launch."

NuVim CEO Rick Kundrat commented that "The new Wellness product line has application to people of all walks of life including the military personnel, young and old, male and female."

About Dr. John St. Cyr:A leading expert in the use of Ribose in cardiovascular disease Dr. St. Cyr has been involved in Ribose research since mid-1980. Trained as a pediatric cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. St. Cyr has a strong background in biochemistry and physiology. He has more than 175 publications and has presented his research at both national and international medical meetings. He received his M.Sc. in physiology, which was followed by M.D. and PhDdegrees from the University of Minnesota, where he studied the effect of Ribose on ischemic hearts. Currently, his research and consulting is in the state of Minnesota and lectures throughout the US and Europe. Dr St. Cyr holds numerous patents relating to nutritional supplement benefits.

About Dr. Linda Shecterle: Dr. Shecterle has devoted years to researchingthe effects of D-Ribose in diseases and wellness promoting effects ranging from cardiovascular disorders to professional athletics. She has published over 20 documents on Ribose and over 120 total publications in her career and also an inventor on numerous patents.

About NuVim's New Wellness/Weight Control Product Line: NuVim® has been qualitatively testing a new ALL NATURAL line of powder mixes which formula can also be used to improve in the NuVim ready to drink smoothie line and teas and lemonade. The Wellness/Weight Control product is foremost about feeling alert from when you wake up in the morning until bed time without the high sugar and caffeine. Through the additional guidance of Dr. St. Cyr and Dr. Shecterle along with team members Ruth Carey D.D.S., L.D. and Dr. Paul Addis, the Wellness/Weight Control product currently being tested will be modified to include D-Ribose and improved in other ways before introduction.

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