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February 23, 2012 08:00 ET

John Thomas Financial Continues to Utilize Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)

Wall Street Firm Completes 2012 Economic Outlook Incorporating MMT

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Feb 23, 2012) - John Thomas Financial continues to utilize Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) in its economic forecasts. The firm announced today that it has completed its 2012 John Thomas Financial Economic Outlook, a yearly research report, which incorporates this approach. The report is scheduled to be released next week.

MMT is becoming more mainstream, with some major media outlets discussing it regularly now. Last weekend MMT was featured in a Washington Post article.

John Thomas Financial issued a news release on January 5, 2012 sharing the firm's success in using Modern Monetary Theory in 2011. Following the release, CNBC Senior Editor John Carney featured the firm in his early coverage of MMT, crediting John Thomas Financial as being the first firm to openly use the approach. contributor Cullen Roche also noted John Thomas Financial as "the first official Wall Street firm adopting MMT as their economic framework."

Mike Norman, John Thomas Financial Chief Economist, calls MMT the "most rational, concise school of economic thought for understanding and forecasting the economy.

"We use MMT exclusively and our forecasts have been extremely accurate. Where others got tripped up on U.S. growth, Europe and interest rates, we did not. We got those markets right."

John Thomas Financial CEO Thomas Belesis sees MMT as a good thing. "We believe it equates to an advantage to our firm and our clients. It provides a better framework with which to understand our monetary system," he said.

In the future, John Thomas Financial is planning on sponsoring a series of MMT seminars to educate investors and policy makers. "We need to continue to spread the word," stated Belesis.

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