John Wiley & Sons Canada Limited

John Wiley & Sons Canada Limited

November 09, 2005 08:00 ET

John Wiley & Sons Canada Limited-New Book Offers Pre-Election Advice to Conservatives: Authors Call on Harper to Present Positive Vision

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - Nov. 9, 2005) -

Attention: News, Assignment, and Political Editors

- Fighting an election on corruption is not enough

- Conservative Party needs original policies and positive vision

- Long-term solution for conservatives lies with non-partisan institutions

A just released book by conservative activists Tasha Kheiriddin and Adam Daifallah suggests that Stephen Harper's Conservative Party has considerable work to do before fighting the next federal election, regardless of when it is held.

In Rescuing Canada's Right: Blueprint for a Conservative Revolution (Wiley; November 2005; $26.99), the authors assert that the path to power for Canadian conservatives lies more through non-partisan institutions than through the Conservative party, and that the party itself needs a new vision if it is to succeed.

"Throughout its history, the federal Conservatives have failed to advance a real small-c conservative vision for the country," said Daifallah. "Conservatives win when they present bold, straightforward ideas and position themselves as the party of hope and optimism."

"Fighting the Liberals on corruption is not enough," concurred Kheiriddin. "All Canadians know about the Tories is what they are against, such as gay marriage. No one knows what they are for. This will have to change if they are to connect with voters."

To develop new conservative ideas, the authors advocate the creation of a non-partisan conservative infrastructure in areas including media, academia, think tanks and the law. They set out a concrete plan for the right to reach out to groups who traditionally do not vote Conservative, including immigrants, young people, and Quebecers. They also present a new policy vision called "Opportunity Conservatism," which includes a fresh set of proposals on the family, healthcare, the environment and federalism.

Together, Kheiriddin and Daifallah have over 30 years combined experience in politics and journalism, in television and print. They are both past presidents of Progressive Conservative Party youth wings.

For an interview with the authors, contact Pat Cairns, 905-569-0002

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