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October 15, 2009 15:53 ET

Join in the Fight Against Major Diseases and Celebrate the Medical Advances Made Possible Through Clinical Research

Quintiles Launches an Easy-to-Use Website Designed to Drive Clinical Research Awareness, Understanding and Participation

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC--(Marketwire - October 15, 2009) - Did you know that millions of clinical research participants are needed to help the fight against cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's, viral diseases, heart disease and stroke? With the help of research participants just like you, we're winning our fight against major killers... specifically five of the top 10 diseases in the U.S.:

--  Heart disease is down 4.7%
--  Cancer is down 1.8%
--  Stroke is down 4.6%
--  Diabetes is down 3.9%
--  Flu and pneumonia is down 8.4%
 Source: CDC National Center for Health Statistics, National Vital
 Statistics Report Aug 19, 2009.

These victories are all due to advancements in medicine made possible by clinical research. Unfortunately, a lack of participants for clinical trials is one of the major factors lengthening the development of new drugs. Seventy-five percent of the general public state they have little or no knowledge of clinical research and the participation process. This statistic needs to change, as clinical research plays a crucial role in identifying cures and therapies. If more folks understood the positive impact clinical research has on our society, then more would be willing to participate.

The good news is there is an effortless way to gain more knowledge. People who wish to learn more about their potential role in speeding new, safer drugs to market now have access to a global Website that provides important information about clinical research in order to encourage more people to champion clinical research and contribute to the promise of tomorrow's medicines!

Sponsored by global biopharmaceutical services company Quintiles, the new Website,, presents easy-to-use, comprehensive information for those who have little or no understanding of clinical research and the value it brings to society. With just a few clicks, patients who visit can identify ongoing or future clinical trials appropriate for their disease or condition and narrow them down to those that are geographically convenient. What else can provide?

--  Supporting information about clinical research, such as facts and
    figures, case studies and important questions to ask your doctor
--  Videos from doctors and participants, and news from recent study

The clinical trial became the standard in developing drugs in 1962, and since then, the FDA has approved more than 1,019 novel therapies. Virtually all the medicines used today are a result of clinical research, including all drugs for cancer, heart disease, depression, HIV, Alzheimer's and asthma. Clinical research through clinical trials is arguably the greatest medical invention of the 20th century. It continues to deliver life saving medicines and treatments and gives hope to patients in need of better care and effective medicines.

To hear patients and doctors tell their story about clinical trials click here.

Need another reason to consider clinical trials? The research pipeline holds over 9,605 potential breakthroughs and in order to keep making strides though, more volunteers are critical! Visit today to learn more and get involved.

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