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January 31, 2011 17:20 ET

A Joint Replacement Implant Allows People Suffering From Arthritis of the Thumb to Recover Their Dexterity

This new surgical option is available at the private Montreal Institute for Special Surgery

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Jan. 31, 2011) -

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Until very recently, Mrs. Louise Bérard was relying on strong pain and anti-inflammatory medication to cope with her painful arthritic thumbs. Mrs. Bérard was suffering from a severe, disabling basal joint arthritis of her two thumbs, a common condition among women over forty years of age which can affect their quality of life significantly.

Over the last months, the beneficial effects of the drugs and injections began to drastically diminish so Mrs. Bérard started to look for an efficient, lasting solution to her problem.

During a visit to her doctor, she was told that only surgery would relieve her pain in a permanent way. Her first option would be conventional trapeziectomy, surgery to replace the trapezium bone with a tendon from the forearm. Best results provide only 70% recovery of the initial strength of the thumb and the wait time for the surgery varies from one to two years. Mrs. Bérard then learned of a second option; a new surgical procedure to replace the damaged joint with the IVORY implant. This new procedure provides a quicker, more complete recovery than the standard surgery (trapeziectomy). 

Mrs. Bérard decided to opt for the IVORY implant; her two surgical operations were carried out within 6 months. Mrs. Bérard recovered the full use of her two thumbs within two to three months after each joint replacement procedure; conventional surgery would have required a six- to 12-month convalescence period, for each thumb. "Things you do everyday like combing your hair, signing your name or turning on the ignition key of your car had become very difficult. Today, not only can I do those things normally, but I'm really looking forward to riding my bike this summer and doing some cross country ski as soon as I can" said Louise Bérard.

The joint replacement procedure is performed by very few hand and wrist specialists and is virtually unavailable in hospitals, due to its financial implications as well as the restricted access to operating rooms. The IVORY implant procedure, a Canadian first, was performed in the spring of 2010, by plastic hand surgeon Dr. Jean-Paul Brutus. Although only recently available in Canada, this thumb joint replacement procedure has been performed successfully on thousands of patients in Europe and other parts of the world, for over 15 years.

More and more patients in Quebec are opting for private surgery in order to be able to choose their surgeon, and the surgery technique, and to plan their surgery for when it best fits their schedule.

Dr. Jean-Paul Brutus is associated with the Montreal Institute for Special Surgery, one of very few completely private orthopedic surgical centers specializing in minimally invasive surgery and arthroscopic techniques of the limbs. This Center treats a growing number of patients from Ontario and other Canadian provinces, who are choosing to go private in order to quickly access state of the art techniques that are virtually unavailable in public hospitals. Quebec is the national leader when it comes to private healthcare in Canada.

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