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January 28, 2010 02:00 ET

Joint Venture and Relocation of Factory

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                             28 JANUARY 2010
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World  Mining  Services Limited ("WMS"), the Isle of Man based mineral products and services  company,
announces  that its  78% subsidiary Afri-Pal  has  signed a Joint Venture Agreement with P.P.U.H  Elmo
s.c. ( "Elmo") to convert coal slimes into fuel pellets at the Janina 2 mine site in Poland.  Afri-Pal
has  also relocated its factory to the Janina 2 site.  The JV and relocation are expected to  lead  to
increase turnover and reduced operating costs.
The Janina 2 mine site is owned by Kompania Wêglowa S. A. ("Kompania Wêglowa") and situated in Libiaz,
Poland.   The  mine was closed approximately ten years ago and recently Elmo was retained by  Kompania
Wêglowa  to  clean  up  the site.  Janina 2's waste coal slimes are estimated  at  approximately  five
hundred  thousand tonnes of coal.  Under the terms of the JV, Afri-Pal will produce coal fuel  pellets
from  the  slimes  which will be sold under the Elmo/ Afri-Pal JV agreement to the power  and  heating
industry.   Afri-  Pal will share the profits from the sale of the pellets with Elmo.  In  cooperation
with  Kompania  Wêglowa, Afri-Pal has relocated its existing plant and technology  to  the  mine  site
thereby  reducing  operating costs across its entire product line. The Janina  2  site  has  excellent
infrastructure and access as a former mine site.  As it is also the site of the coal in-feed  for  the
new fuel pellets, transport costs will be minimised.
WMS Director Jeff Michel commented, "The JV marks a turning point for Afri-Pal's market strategy. Over
our  first  full year of operation, alongside building our own wholesale and retail market, Afri-Pal's
team  has  worked with several mines to provide an economic solution to various waste  and  production
issues.   In the case of the Janina 2, the coal slimes are a significant waste problem.  Afri-Pal  can
eradicate this waste by producing an alternative fuel source.  The fuel can then be sold to the  power
and  heating industry providing a new stream of income.  We are evolving our marketing plan to  target
more of these JV's and are in advanced discussions with other tier one coal mines."

About P.P.U.H Elmo s.c.
P.P.U.H  Elmo  s.c.   is a privately held Polish company that provides site remediation,  scrap  metal
removal and earth moving.

About Kompania Wêglowa S.A:
Kompania  Wêglowa S. A is the largest mining company in Europe employing approximately  64.3  thousand
people,  operating  sixteen mines and five plants.  Kompania Wêglowa S. A's mining capacity  is  about
42.6 million tonnes of coal per year.

The Directors of WMS accept responsibility for this announcement.
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