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November 25, 2010 08:00 ET

Jonathan Fredericks at JFM Consultancy Discusses the Impact of the Recession

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Nov. 25, 2010) - For Jonathan Fredericks embarking on a career in Outsourcing Sales in the middle of one of the most profound recessions in living memory held no fear, but he was certainly in the minority:

"When I started my company, JFM Consultancy in 2008 right when the Credit Crunch hit, everybody thought I was crazy to believe that there was any possibility for the growth and expansion figures that I predicted."

But Jonathan was convinced that people were still spending their money, it was simply that they were choosing to spend it more efficiently. His take on the recession was that it could only be a good thing for the Outsource Sales industry.

"When consumer consumption falls so does company profit. There are two ways to increase profit: firstly, redundancy, which we saw a lot of in 2009, because salaries are the biggest expense for companies. And secondly, a boost in sales to maintain profits. And this is why Outsource Sales is so effective- we take the burden of huge salaries away and provide guaranteed results."

Rather than being an insurmountable obstacle to growth, the recession proved to be an opportunity for JFM Consultancy to show that their business model was effective to companies that may not have considered working in this way before whilst being confident that even once the economy recovered their model would still be sustainable.

"No company at any time says, 'Thank you very much, we have enough customers.' Least of all during a recession. That's why Outsource Sales has seen such a huge growth."

So the recession has been kind to JFM Consultancy but what of the immediate future? With the government promising to decentralise and County Councils like Suffolk pledging to outsource everything (and in the process making £300 million of savings) it seems that the political imperative is finally aligning with the economic benefits that come from outsourcing and that can only be good news in the wider context of the industry. It may well be that the recession has introduced working practices that will prevail even in more economically buoyant times. As Jonathan Fredericks points out:

"We take the risk away by providing results before the client pays a penny."

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