May 04, 2011 08:00 ET

JoongAngSUNDAY Announces the Winners of "The greatest executive leadership of the year 2011"

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA--(Marketwire - May 4, 2011) - JoongAngSUNDAY, a part of JoongAng IlBo announced 32 winners of 'The greatest executive leadership of the year 2011' including Asiana Airlines, Inc. awarding companies and organizations that thrived through taking initiatives and creative innovations.

The award was sponsored by JoongAng IlBo and Ministry of Knowledge and Economy, South Korea.

All 32 recipients of the award were nominated by 'The greatest executive leadership of the year 2011 committee' as the future leaders of Korean economy, and were awarded during the award ceremony at Millennium Hilton Hotel in Seoul, Korea on March 17th attended by CEOs and Executives of leading companies and organizations of Korea.

The following is the list of 'The greatest executive leadership of the year 2011' award winners.

  • Asiana Airlines, Inc. (KSE: 020560‎) (CEO / Young Doo Yun)
  • HanmiGlobal co., Ltd. (KSE: 053690‎) (CEO & Chairman, P.E.,M.B.A / Jong hoon Kim)
  • Dong-A One Co., Ltd. (KSE: 008040‎) (CEO & Chairman / Hee Sang Lee)
  • lnc. (KSE: 065150‎) (CEO & Chairman / Woo Hyun Jung)
  • BCcard Co., Ltd. (CEO/ Hyung Deok Jang)
  • Shinsegae Co., Ltd, E-Mart Administration. (KSE: 004170‎) (CEO / Byung Ryul Choi)
  • Woori Investment & Securities Co. Ltd. (KSE: 005940‎) (CEO / Sung ho Hwang)
  • Woorifinancial.Co. Ltd. (KSE: 021960‎) (CEO/ Byung Jae LEE)
  • YUHAN CORPORATION. (KSE: 000100‎) (CEO / Yoon Seob Kim)
  • KB Financial Group, Inc. (CEO & Chairman / Yoon Dai Euh)
  • KEFICO Automotive Systems(Beijing) Co., Ltd. (CEO / Moon Sik Kwon)
  • Hansae Co., Ltd. (KSE: 105630‎) (CEO/ Yong Baek Lee)
  • Severance Hospital, Yonsei University Health System. (CEO/ Yong Won Park)
  • Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts. (President / Se Jin Lee)
  • Sook Myung Women's University. (President / Young Sil Han)
  • Korea Credit Guarantee Fund. (CEO & Chairman / Taik Soo An)
  • University of Incheon. (President / Kyung Su An)
  • Korail Tourism Development. (CEO / Gi Yeon Kil)
  • Korea Radioactive Waste Management Corporation. (CEO & Chairman / Gye Hong Min)
  • Korea Asset Management Corporation (KAMCO). (CEO & Chairman / Young Chul Chang)
  • WonShin World Co., Ltd. (CEO / Chung Sik You)
  • PAGODA Academy, Inc. (CEO & Chairman / Gyeong Sil Park)
  • Koh Young Technology, Inc. (CEO/ Kwang Ill Koh)
  • KyoChon F&B Co., Ltd. (CEO & Chairman / Won Kang Kwon)
  • Millinet Solar Co., Ltd. (CEO & Chairman / Sang Chul Lee)
  • Shilla Millennium Park Co., Ltd. (Representative Director / Jong Kyong Pyon)
  • ATLASBX Co., Ltd. (CEO/ Jong Chul Lee)
  • Joint YooChang Thermal Systems Co., Ltd. (President / Chang Yup An)
  • Cherrybro Co., Ltd. (CEO & Chairman / ln Sik Kim)
  • Song Won Group. (CEO & Chairman / Young Hwan Kim)
  • HosigiTwoChicken Co., Ltd. (President / Hosik Choi)
  • Histostem Co., Ltd. (CEO / Hoon Han)

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