SOURCE: Photographer JosieXie

December 25, 2016 19:42 ET

JosieXie's Four Seasons Exhibition in 2017

TAIPEI, TAIWAN--(Marketwired - Dec 25, 2016) - JosieXie's photographic works exhibited in 2016 feature scenes from Taiwan, Paris, Japan, and Korea. But due to her affection for home, a majority of them portray Taiwan. We hope that JosieXie's camera will give viewers new and different impressions of visual spaces in Taiwan, Japan, Paris, and Korea.

JosieXie was born in 1966, studied psychology at university, and is a freelance photographic artist. She studied film history in 2013, took the "UNESCO and Intangible Cultural Heritage" course in 2015, and participated in exhibitions around the world in 2016.

JosieXie's outlook on photographic art is derived from the fact that it takes one fifth more time for the photographic artist to create a physical image out of a concept than is the case with the forming of an image in the human eye. As such, JosieXie finds ample time to come in direct contact with the spirits of all living things, and her vibrant pictures prove that she and the things she photographs coexist for a moment in time. Oftentimes she photographs something simply because she has such great affinity with "it" and wants to seize the chance encounter. JosieXie does a lot of homework, with the particular aim of learning more about the location where she intends to take photographs: its climate and geography as well as other natural and cultural aspects worthy of attention. All this allows her to be more precise in taking photographs and capturing transient flashes of emotional resonance and tactile sensations. The pictures thus preserved by her camera become undying memories and breathing images. JosieXie's photographic art creates nothing short of a novel experience. The dance and movement of light instantaneously pours out of her works, as if one is immersed in a spa of light.

Every month JosieXie presents a topical exhibition on the following two websites: and

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