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August 23, 2012 09:00 ET

Joyent Secures Joyent Cloud and Global Cloud Network With M2Mi

M2Mi Secure Network Virtualization to Provide Software Defined Network Infrastructure for Public Cloud, M2M Environments and Federated Member Clouds

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 23, 2012) - Joyent, the high-performance cloud infrastructure company, announced today that it has selected secure software-defined networking technology (SDN) from Machine-To-Machine Intelligence (M2Mi), a global pioneer of secure network virtualization, automation, and orchestration services, to provide secure network virtualization for the Joyent Public Cloud Service Cloud Platform and M2M BYOD services.

Joyent has selected M2Mi as a strategic technology partner for Secure Virtualization and SDN solutions as part of a unique security offering available only to the Joyent Global Cloud Network ("GCN") carrier members. M2Mi joins a very exclusive group of strategic technology partners in the GCN, including GuardTime for Data Integrity and Compliance for Governments, Fixmo for Device Integrity and Secure Mobile Cloud Infrastructure, and differentiated communications companies like Voxeo and Voxer, which offer unique, high-performance messaging and OTT carrier services in IVR and mobility.

M2Mi for Joyent

M2Mi's interoperability, dynamic network and security capabilities ultimately allow for the simplification and greater monetization of cloud and M2M environments. M2Mi Secure Network Virtualization has been instrumented for Joyent's Public and Private cloud offering, SmartDataCenter, giving users immediate access to orchestration and agility across the entire cloud infrastructure. Because the collaboration builds off of previous Joyent and M2Mi integrations, customers gain instant agility across their entire cloud infrastructure. Joyent users will also realize greater simplification and monetization of cloud and M2M environments due to the added interoperability and dynamic network and security capabilities of M2Mi's Network Virtualization tool.

"M2Mi is leading the market for secure network virtualization between cloud and M2M environments -- and they were able to provide us with new levels of security and interoperability for a range of multi-vendor environments," said Jason Hoffman, founder and CTO, Joyent.

M2Mi for the Joyent Global Cloud Network

Joyent GCN responds to the explosive growth of mobile devices in emerging markets like Brazil, Russia, India and China as well as the mobile-first markets of Africa, India and Indonesia. Today, mobile-first carriers in emerging markets are facing unprecedented scaling challenges with billions of real-time, data-intensive, and latency-sensitive mobile transactions hitting their networks. These carriers require the ability to deliver high-performance, highly secure mobile cloud infrastructure services to meet the demands of today's user-intensive mobile, web and mission-critical machine-to-machine applications, all requiring a new class of cloud infrastructure.

Joyent GCN offers a cloud computing alliance similar to that of an airline industry's multi-airline partnership program, bringing together top global service providers unified under a common set of APIs with common down stack reliability, delivering the only industrial grade cloud that meets the new requirements of today's applications worldwide. As a result, cloud-dependent businesses, including mobile app vendors, game developers, online retailers and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) providers, can reduce risk while expanding their addressable market by offering mobile apps, online games and storefronts reaching markets exceeding a billion mobile users and a rapidly mounting surge of connected devices.

For Joyent GCN, M2Mi will help connect disparate, multi-vendor network and security assets into a unified, orchestrated network and security service platform. The platform is driven by application and operator needs, while being fully integrated with existing high-performance cloud management. By selecting M2Mi technology, Joyent GCN now allows its members to independently control their multi-tenant environments while enabling global federated member capacity bursting and live workload migration across the global WAN infrastructure.

"Mobile network carriers on the Global Cloud Network not only demand performance, security and data integrity from a cloud infrastructure provider, but all require real time instrumentation," said James Blom, Vice President, Mobile Alliances & Technology Partnerships, Joyent GCN. "M2Mi is the universal translator between our members' networks and security because it meets their stringent security requirements and allows for secure -- and quick -- data movement across multiple clouds, while enforcing compliance and SLA policies. It offers end-to-end security without requiring users to conform to a single network architecture."

Joyent GCN will also deploy additional advanced cloud security offerings from M2Mi, including the M2Mi Cloud Security Accelerator, that will drive down the cost of data protection for Joyent GCN members and provide a built-in secure M2M infrastructure for the next generation of cloud service offerings.

The extension of M2Mi's integrations with Joyent -- for both its cloud and GCN offerings -- work to better offer manageability and interoperability across cloud ecosystems.

"M2Mi continues to experience rapid growth -- a testament to market demand for secure cloud services," said Geoff Brown, CEO, M2Mi. "By furthering our integration with Joyent and the Global Cloud Network, we're extending our joint mission of offering end-to-end high-performance cloud services to customers worldwide."

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