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November 30, 2010 12:08 ET

JTG Consulting: Becoming a Future CEO Candidate

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Nov. 30, 2010) - Joseph L. Bower, professor at Harvard Business School, has developed a series of questions to inspire future leaders how to prepare themselves to be strong CEO candidates in the future. Can JTG Consulting provide what you are looking for? 

Harvard Business has been publishing an interview with Joseph L. Bower, a professor at Harvard Business School. Bower has developed a series of questions for individuals to ask themselves to make sure they are taking the right path for their own development from the very beginning of their careers all the way to becoming strong CEO candidates for the future.

During the recruitment process Bower suggests that an individual needs to get a good understanding of why an organisation would hire someone. "Obviously, they want you to do some work in the short term" he says, but the individual should ask: "Is this a company that hires people to develop and grow over time? Is there a career path? How are they going to help you grow? What kind of training do they provide?" The Harvard professor says, if your goal is to run a business, you should ask how early "you can get a chance to try your wings" or if this is "a place where you are going to be in a function all your life."

Bower suggests another series of questions to help individuals to develop their career further while they are working in an organisation. He says: "One of the most interesting things is, we think of our bosses as people who are going to help us. Well, think about what a difference it makes if you can actually help your boss." Bower advises, learning how to help the company or manage upwards means you can also learn what it means to manage at higher levels of the organisation. It is very important to develop a good reputation for being able to meet the numbers.

Another series of questions Bower suggests focuses on developing yourself: "Are you developing a network that expands outside of your own division?" The Harvard professor recommends not just focusing on the people right around you, but instead to get out of the own department or even the organisation. "The more you do that, the better." He implies that individuals can learn so much when meeting other people outside the company.

The final phase of the questions focuses on living a balanced life. Bower suggests that the higher you get the more you hear what you want to hear, not too much what you need to hear. It is important to be surrounded by the right people.

JTG Consulting offers a business development programme that supports the growth of future CEO candidates through developing the key skills that are required to run a business. The programme is designed to shape the future leaders of the company through internal development and the help of an established network of experts that can coach an individual with the necessary skills to become a potential business partner and not just an employee serving in a functional type role. JTG Consulting are constantly looking for self-motivated and business minded individuals who want to take their success into their own hands and take responsibility for their career path to a promising future.

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