May 21, 2009 13:00 ET

Juanita's Foods Implements Shoplogix™ as a Company-Wide Standard to Improve Production Efficiency and Increase Performance Transparency

Plantnode® Drives Sustainable Continuous Improvement

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - May 21, 2009) - Shoplogix, a developer of Real-time Performance Management (RPM) solutions for sustainable Continuous Improvement, is pleased to announce that Juanita's Foods has purchased and implemented Shoplogix's Plantnode(R) to increase performance transparency and improve production efficiency with systems driven information.

Juanita's Foods recognized that in order to meet today's competitive challenges they had to minimize production costs and maximize assets while ensuring high quality results. These efforts have been made possible by more precise, immediate systems-driven production information and increased visibility into performance. According to Joe Plourde, Vice President of New Business Development and company spokesperson, "Plantnode helped us immediately identify the conditions associated with production inefficiencies, unplanned downtime and yield impairments. Automated data capture improved the accuracy and reliability of production reporting and made the information credible to all parties in the operations for labor, supervision and management. We selected Plantnode because the system gave us real-time access to accurate information, provided powerful analytical tools to examine downtime causal factors and gave us an accurate view of performance at all times."

"Plantnode has also allowed us to quickly understand the impact of process revisions on our performance and has proven to be a very effective decision support tool", explains Mark De La Torre, Co-CEO of Juanita's Foods. "Plantnode helps us hit our production goals better, faster and more cost effectively than any other system. We have seen tangible benefits in terms of increased Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), higher case volume throughput as well as a marked improvement in responsiveness to downtime. From an overall company perspective, Plantnode has been embraced by all layers of the organization and has unified our focus on the operational mission. As a result, we have implemented Plantnode as a company-wide standard."

Martin Ambrose, President and CEO of Shoplogix stated, "We are delighted to have Juanita's Foods as a customer and we are committed to the success and sustainability of their continuous improvement efforts and to the Food and Beverage industry. The company has capitalized on the full potential of the Plantnode solution and has reduced costs by improving manufacturing efficiency and has become more competitive in the face of challenging economic times."


Juanita's Foods is a leading manufacturer of prepared Mexican foods in the United States, and is the world's largest producer and distributor of traditional authentic Mexican soups. Juanita's Foods is a privately-held company based in Wilmington, California.

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Shoplogix is a leading provider of real-time performance management solutions that optimize manufacturing processes to reduce costs and increase profitability. Shoplogix solutions form the foundation for continuous improvement by providing manufacturers with the tools to rapidly improve plant performance and the technology to sustain productivity.

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