Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

March 28, 2014 13:06 ET

Juice and Bottled Water Tested for Antimony Found Safe

Food Safety Action Plan targeted survey

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - March 28, 2014) - Canadian Food Inspection Agency

As part of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's (CFIA) routine testing of various food products, a survey released today found that all juice and bottled water tested for antimony were safe to consume.

The CFIA tested 359 samples of juice and bottled waters for antimony in 2010-2011. The samples included 185 juice and 174 bottled waters in various types of packaging (including glass, metal can, cardboard [for frozen products], plastic and Tetra Pak).

Eight of the 185 juice samples had detectable levels of antimony ranging from 0.0038 to 0.0572 ppm. Only one of the 174 bottled water samples had a detectable level of antimony at 0.0031 ppm. While no Canadian standards currently exist for antimony in food, there is a Canadian drinking water quality guideline for antimony of 0.006 ppm.

Survey results were reviewed by Health Canada and no risks to consumers were identified. No recalls were required as a result of this survey.

Quick Facts

  • Antimony is a naturally occurring metal. One form of antimony, antimony trioxide, is used in the manufacturing of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic used in food containers, and small amounts of antimony can migrate from packaging into a food or beverage product.
  • This survey provides valuable baseline surveillance data that will be used by Health Canada to update the estimated exposure of the Canadian population to antimony.
  • Health Canada's assessments help to determine if the food poses a health risk. This assessment is based on the contaminant level, the expected frequency of exposure and the contribution to overall diet. The CFIA then determines whether further action is needed, up to and including product seizure and/or recall. If a human health risk is found, a public recall notice is issued immediately.

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