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March 25, 2014 08:30 ET

JukePop and Santa Clara County Library District Reach Agreement to Offer JukePop e-Books on the District's Website

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - March 25, 2014) - JukePop, Inc., the "American Idol" discovery site based on crowd sourced reading analytics, announced that it is collaborating with the Santa Clara County Library District (SCCLD) to offer fresh and popular stories from JukePop's self-published authors directly on the SCCLD website. With the agreement, SCCLD will finally be able to offer popular self-published authors seeking validation and exposure to their borrowers, a capability not possible heretofore. In the process SCCLD will serve the demand of increasing numbers of e-book readers wanting access to alternatively published materials not provided by established print publishers.

"We are extremely pleased to partner with the Santa Clara County Library District to make JukePop's self-published authors available to SCCLD's borrowers," said Jerry Fan, Founder and CEO of JukePop Inc. "Our crowd sourced analytics platform solves the problem for content aggregators, like libraries, of determining which titles among the explosion of self-published stories and electronic content to offer. JukePop's analytics quantitatively determines the appeal of a story without relying on reviews or comments that can be faked or bought. Using our platform, writers prove to themselves and potentially agents/publishers their content has appeal without relying on subjective opinions."

"We engaged with JukePop to provide a library experience that is in keeping with the current reading preference of our community," said Megan Wong, Virtual Library Manager at the Santa Clara County Library District in Campbell CA. "Our readers are increasingly embracing e-books and self-published content. Additionally, JukePop titles in the library are available to anyone coming to the Library web site, without requiring a library card. The Library benefits from increased traffic to our site and in the process we hope we're reaching a new set of borrowers, those interested in self-published content but may not be aware of the library's extensive e-book offerings."

Solving the Libraries' e-Book Problem

To achieve a volume discount, libraries must buy printed books in volume. For e-books the opposite is true. A library pays three times the price that a consumer would pay for the electronic title because it is being circulated to multiple readers. In addition, the digital rights management embedded in the traditionally published e-book determines how many readers can view the book at once-only one reader at a time. To ensure compliance, the library employs intermediary platforms that borrowers complain is difficult to use. This creates a barrier to greater dissemination of e-books. Until now it also precludes libraries from offering self-published content.

The JukePop agreement changes this model to enable libraries to offer self-published e-book. With the JukePop-SCCLD collaboration, the library engages directly with JukePop's self-published authors with no intermediary. Adding JukePop content to the library website required little change to the Library's existing platform. Furthermore, the content coming from JukePop has already been curated by the extensive reader analytics that all JukePop titles undergo. The library receives titles that readers have shown a clear inclination to read and to refer to their social community. 

JukePop content is not a part of the SCCLD collection. All questions, concerns, and challenges regarding content will be referred to JukePop.


JukePop content is now available on the Santa Clara County Library District at the following link.

About the Santa Clara County Library District

Known as one of America's best 100 public libraries, the Santa Clara County Library District promotes knowledge, ideas, and cultural enrichment. Its collection includes more than 1.9 million books, videos, CDs, DVDs, audiobooks, eBooks and extensive online resources accessible from home or work.

For twelve years, the Library has ranked as one of the best in the nation for its size by Hennen's American Public Library Ratings. Also recognized as one of America's 2013 Five Star Libraries by Library Journal, the Santa Clara County Library District is one of the most-used public resources in the region.

The Santa Clara County Library District includes two bookmobiles, an online library, seven community libraries and one branch library serving Campbell, Cupertino, Gilroy, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Milpitas, Monte Sereno, Morgan Hill, Saratoga and the unincorporated areas of Santa Clara County. In 2013, the Santa Clara County Library District had more than 215,000 library cardholders and welcomed 3.2 million visitors who borrowed 9.7 million items. Visit Santa Clara County Library District online at

About JukePop Inc. 

JukePop was formed to better locate new emerging talent by nurturing talented writers that are often uneconomical for major publishing houses to handle. JukePop serves as a content incubator, allowing content aggregators to glean the "right" books from its trove. The platform pro-actively and constantly tests readers of a specific demographic to gauge the acceptance (or not) of individual books. JukePop also provides the individual writer with access to publishing channels for his/her work. Unlike conventional and other ePublishers, JukePop's distribution begins as soon as a writer completes his first chapter. In terms of literary content, JukePop is rejuvenating the lost art of the serial pioneered at the dawn of publishing, when authors such as Charles Dickens reached mass audiences by serializing novels a chapter at a time in newspapers that nearly everyone could afford.

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