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September 29, 2014 00:51 ET

Julian Assange Arrives in Nantucket via Hologram USA

Confounding the Efforts to Control His Reach, the Creator of WikiLeaks Makes Interactive 3D Appearance via Hologram USA at Important Business Summit

NANTUCKET, MA--(Marketwired - September 29, 2014) - Julian Assange, who has been hiding out at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for over two years -- avoiding extradition to Sweden and possible prosecution in other countries for his involvement in spreading classified government and military documents over the Internet via WikiLeaks -- made his virtual escape today to the United States.

Appearing as a three dimensional, life size, high definition projection produced by Greek billionaire Alki David's company Hologram USA , Assange took questions from filmmaker Eugene Jarecki and the distinguised audience at the Natntucket Project's Art + Commerce summit. The crowd was lively -- and took many snapshots of Assange's form on stage. He spoke at length about privacy, Google's "Revovling Door" with the U.S. State Department overseen by Eric Schmidt, and the future of innovation and even civilization itself.

Topics ranged from himself ("I'm just a simple librarian who's very good at saying no.") to House of Cards on Netflix ("TV had gotten pretty bad.") to the Internet itself ("The last five years have been the best period for education ever.") A few more quotes:

  • "I don't like this term vigilante," he said. "It implies breach of the law. We are trying to uphold standards and accepted norms."
  • "I've gotten very good at secret communication."
  • "I'm very pissed off. About the torture of Chelsea Manning, the banking blockades against me, the effect on my family and staff. But being really really pissed off -- you can use that as a fuel -- to help you keep going, and to see a situation clearly."
  • "Google should be broken up. If this were the 70s it would be broken up -- its much bigger than AT&T was. Google is mega-maniacal."

Assange closed the event by saying, "Beam me back, Scotty!"

This is the first major use of Hologram USA's patented "telepresence" capabilities in the U.S. -- allowing an individual to transcend distance, borders, and even legal restrictions to get their message across in a visceral, urgent way.

"That Assange was addressing U.S. business leaders is what makes this so important," says David. "These are people who are motivated by the free market economy which depends upon open information. Without open information you have unfair competition."

About Hologram USA's part in the event, which got its own standing ovation at the Nantucket event, David said: "With this you can see how much more challenging this is than a canned animation. Because this is live and involves a live satellite transmission of a living person in HD. This is global telepresence. This is Star Wars." 

The Beverly Hills based company was founded by Alki David and partnered with the inventor of the technology, Uwe Maass, and the U.K. based company Musion, owned by Giovanni Palma, and is the only legal licensee of the patent used to create recent high profile hologram projections using the images of Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur. Hologram USA's technology has allowed Prince Charles to speak at a conference in Dubai from London, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to win a hologram campaign that reached hundreds of thousands in town hall meetings. Its use in the U.S. Presidential campaign in 2016 is a given -- and Hologram USA has opened a Washington DC office to address those needs. Hologram USA is part of Anakando Media Group, also owned by David.

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A high res photo of Julian Assange with Hologram USA CEO Alki David is here.

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