June 15, 2016 23:37 ET

Julio Cesar Diaz Witwicki -- Welcomes the Expected 4% Growth in Peruvian Economy

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO--(Marketwired - June 15, 2016) - Julio César Díaz Witwicki, Founder and Director of Simple Trading Corporation Limited and leading expert within the technology and finance industries across Latin America, sees the expected 4% growth in the Peruvian Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as confirmation of a healthy economy and its emerging status as one of the strongest investment opportunities in South America.

Peru's mining-fueled economy, ores and minerals make up over 50% of total exports, continues to stay ahead of metal prices through increased production with large scale projects such as the expansion of Cerro Verde copper mine set to push Peru to the No. 2 ranking in the global copper market. Since the beginning of 2016, copper and iron ore prices have been on the rise -- stimulating Mr. Witwicki's positive outlook for a continued primary sector recovery. However, the economy is not only growing in the primary markets but is also in the non-primary sectors.

Secondary markets such as telecommunications and financial services now account for close to 40% of Peru's GDP. Witwicki anticipates, that with further modernization and increased competitiveness, the services sector will continue to benefit from growing confidence in the strength of the overall economic expansion and fiscal stability in 2016 and 2017. He references the industry sector, representing nearly 35% of GDP, which produced increased employment in industrial areas spurred by widespread technology upgrades. As falling unemployment and robust domestic demand continue, Julio's believes current dynamic market trends, commercial possibilities, and sound economic potential will attract insightful investors to Peru.

Looking forward to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement with the United States, signed in February 2016, Julio César Díaz Witwicki notes it contains no import quotas, nor tariff rates, allowing for Peru to both increase and diversify exports to the United States. TPP also offers direct access to new markets in Asia and Oceania such as Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Vietnam which will spark private investment as Peruvian companies seek to purchase equipment to streamline production -- resulting in a greater profit margin for businesses.

Peru, at 4%, is the only economy accelerating among Pacific Alliance member countries: Colombia and Mexico, both with 2.5%, as well as Chile, with 1.5%. According to Witwicki, building both primary and secondary markets is generating strength and confidence indicating economic modernization, commodities abundance, improved economic and political governance are helping Peru to emerge as one of the most stable economies for investment in Latin America.

Julio César Díaz Witwicki, an expert in Peruvian, Mexican, and Uruguayan financial markets, is founder and director of Simple Trading Corporation Limited, specializing in trading platforms for investors, brokers, and corporate institutions, allowing them to reliably access the global market. He is Chief Manager of Publicity and Marketing for PRODEP S.R.L. and its affiliated companies as well as acting advisor for many other financial firms. Witwicki values his philanthropic achievements as much as he does his business successes, and actively participates in outreach events of nonprofit organizations igniting the entrepreneurial spirit of underserved youth, including the DESEM Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs and Junior Achievement Worldwide.

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