March 20, 2013 11:00 ET

Jump Starting a Vehicle's Battery Can Cause Irreparable Damage, Says CTEK

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - March 20, 2013) - CTEK, a global battery protection and care brand, is highlighting the dangers of jump starting a vehicle's battery, as it can cause irreparable damage to the internal electrical components.

As the inner mechanisms of modern battery units become ever more sophisticated, there is an increased risk that a battery that has been jump started will succumb to complete battery failure. When a vehicle is started in this manner, a huge surge of electrical current is pushed through the battery in an attempt to energise the starter motor. While this will start the car, it also has the potential to damage the Electrical Control Unit, which will result in the battery needing to be replaced.

Unfortunately, many motorists believe that this is the correct method to counteract battery related breakdowns and are completely unaware of the risks. Using a smart battery charger is the safe and simple way to recharge any vehicle battery.

With a smart charger, such as the CTEK MXS 5.0, it is possible to monitor the charge level of a vehicle's battery. By following a battery maintenance regime it increases the health of a vehicle's battery and ensures the optimum charge level is maintained at all times, therefore dramatically reducing the chance of the car or motorbike not starting in the first place.

Katariina Stahl, director of sales and marketing at CTEK, commented: "Newer battery units are using increasingly sophisticated components and the sudden surge of electricity caused by jump starting the vehicle can seriously affect the internal infrastructure of the battery. In order to avoid these issues we recommend using a smart battery charger, and it isn't just CTEK that understands the dangers. Many airports, for example, require drivers to sign a disclaimer if they are to take advantage of a 'complimentary jump start service'."

"Smart battery chargers are incredibly easy to use and by conducting a simple battery check using one of these devices and ensuring the correct charge level is maintained, it is possible to save money on expensive trips to the garage."

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