SOURCE: Jump Technologies, Inc.

Jump Technologies, Inc.

October 20, 2014 08:00 ET

Jump Technologies, Inc. Launches the Newest Version of JumpStock™ Inventory Management Solution for Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations

Latest Release Delivers New Tracking of Product Lot Numbers, Enhanced Reporting Capabilities, and Kit Management Functionality

EAGAN, MN--(Marketwired - October 20, 2014) - Jump Technologies®, an innovative software company providing cloud-based mobile solutions for inventory management in hospitals and healthcare organizations, today launched the newest version of its JumpStock™ solution. This new release includes enhancements to key functions including lot tracking, reporting and visibility to kits and kit component inventory.

Historically, healthcare organizations have dealt with numerous challenges related to inventory management capabilities and processes:

  • Currently, inventory reporting can be based on inaccurate data due to low staff compliance with processes and systems; reports do not provide accurate, actionable information to enable better planning; reporting tools don't deliver results that are actionable, easily manipulated, organized and exported.
  • Hospitals experience both overstocking of supplies that drive up costs and stock-outs that impact patient care. To eliminate both, hospitals need an accurate picture of supplies on hand, where supplies are located and velocity based on actual usage.
  • Visibility to product lot numbers is critical, so supplies associated with a specific lot can be located if needed. Currently, it is difficult to track product lot numbers once products are distributed to supply locations inside an organization.
  • Supplies on hand expire or get wasted, and there is no way to reflect this in current inventory systems without counting them as used.

The latest version of JumpStock is now available and includes new features specifically designed to meet the needs of hospital and other healthcare organizations, including:

  1. Enhanced lot number tracking, with the capability to track and monitor lot numbers for items, regardless of where they stored are in the hospital. 
  2. An accurate method to "waste" supplies, if inventoried products become expired or damaged. For accuracy, these supplies need to be "wasted," which eliminates them from inventory without being counted in velocity reporting.
  3. Reporting enhancements, with new reports on lot numbers, better manipulation and export of data, and management of large data sets.
  4. The ability to create "kits" that are assembled within the hospital and identify kit components. With accurate supply tracking, a hospital can quickly see how many kits they can build from inventory on hand as well as which items they may need to reorder.
  5. Notifications for mobile users, alerting staff members to expiration dates on lots and providing the ability to create and edit lots directly from the mobile device.

"I often hear that staff members spend too much time on supply management, with nurses reporting they can spend up to 30% of their time on inventory-related tasks. With significant pressure to deliver patient care at the highest quality and the lowest costs, hospitals need to address their inventory management challenges," says John Freund, CEO, Jump Technologies. "We're committed to continually improving our solutions and working with our customers to prioritize what they need. JumpStock customers get better visibility into inventory and with it, can reduce overstocked supplies and over-spending. With better technology and processes, they're seeing hard-dollar reductions in supply spend, savings in nursing labor and overtime, and increases in nursing satisfaction."

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