Monsanto Canada Inc.

Monsanto Canada Inc.

March 26, 2015 10:08 ET

JumpStart Granular Formulation Now Available to Canola Growers

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA--(Marketwired - March 26, 2015) - Monsanto BioAg will offer JumpStart granular inoculant to farmers for use in canola this spring. JumpStart granular gives farmers the option of applying JumpStart through granular applicators for in-furrow inoculation of canola seed.

"The granular formulation provides farmers with greater flexibility in JumpStart application. If farmers missed out on getting their canola pre-treated with JumpStart or don't have the equipment for on-farm inoculation with the wettable powder formulation, JumpStart granular provides another treatment option," says Darrell Wolkowski, Monsanto BioAg Canadian Business Lead in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

JumpStart is a phosphate inoculant that contains a naturally occurring soil fungus Penicillium bilaii. It grows along the root making more phosphate available to the plant to help deliver healthier crops and higher yield potential. In 155 field trials on canola in Western Canada over 17 years, JumpStart delivered an average of six per cent higher yield than canola without JumpStart.

JumpStart granular is packaged in 16.5 kg bags. Application rate varies by row spacing. One bag will treat 10.1 acres on nine inch row spacing, 11 acres on 10 inch row spacing and 13.4 acres on 12 inch row spacing. JumpStart granular is applied in-furrow with the seed through a separate air cart delivery system. It can be used with pesticide treated seed.

"JumpStart doesn't eliminate the need for phosphate fertilizer, but improves phosphate availability," says Wolkowski. "That can mean increased early season root growth, which results in early vigour, greater stress tolerance and earlier, more even maturity."

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