January 27, 2010 08:00 ET

Jumptap Unveils First Mobile Advertising Solution for Apple's Tablet

Opens New Channel for Advertisers to Reach 'Consumers on the Go,' Leveraging Jumptap's Unique Mobile Targeting Capabilities

CAMBRIDGE, MA--(Marketwire - January 27, 2010) - Jumptap, the leading mobile advertising solutions provider, today announced the industry's first integrated mobile advertising solution for the new Apple tablet. Brand and performance advertisers, publishers, and application developers now have a mobile ad solution that works across multiple devices regardless of form factor -- maximizing ROI, reach, and relevancy. Jumptap's new ad solution provides advertisers with a powerful new marketing channel, the new Apple tablet, which is expected to reach nearly 10 million consumers in 2010 (source: Gizmodo, Dec. 2009).

Any Mobile Ad on Any Mobile Device

The new solution leverages Jumptap's advanced targeting technologies and expertise to harness the power of mobile advertising on tablets. The integrated solution works across all mobile devices to enable application developers to more widely distribute more content and services. Brand advertisers can enjoy the same benefits of advanced targeting, including geo-targeting and location-based services like couponing. Advertisers also benefit from Jumptap's existing network of application developers, whose applications will be among the first content and services on the Apple tablet. Jumptap's proprietary technologies, which leverage search-based algorithms, deliver highly relevant ads that create an experience that appeals to the mobile consumer, optimizes yield for publishers and provides the best ROI for advertisers.

"While the Apple tablet has a larger screen than a phone, the tablet is still attached to consumers on-the-go who have different needs and behavior than PC users," said Paran Johar, chief marketing officer at Jumptap. "Our mobile technology and business expertise allow us to reach tablet consumers with more relevant and more timely ads than PC-online ad networks."

Easy to Get Started

Jumptap's mobile ad solutions allow premium brand and performance advertisers to easily and quickly extend the reach of their campaigns to the new Apple tablet and on a range of other tablets expected to launch throughout the next few years. Moreover, the Apple tablet's ability to run applications from existing iPhone application developers, who have built over 100,000 applications, empowers advertisers, developers and publishers with the ability to immediately start connecting with consumers through the latest and most innovative mobile ads, applications and services.

"We expect the Apple tablet to be a catalyst for a new generation of innovative applications, and we play a key role in accelerating the adoption of such services," continued Johar. "By helping application developers connect to the consumers that are most likely to be interested in those services at their precise moment of intent, we are playing a key role in accelerating the development of the application publisher ecosystem that, over time, will expand across a wide diversity of devices beyond just Apple."

Jumptap's new integrated mobile ad solution will support Apple tablet-compatible ad units by the end of February 2010.

About Jumptap

Jumptap leverages its highly advanced, sophisticated algorithmic engine and unique IP to deliver the highest performance for advertisers and the best monetization for publishers. The result is a network of mobile websites and applications that combine best-in-class content and services together with highly relevant advertising to create an experience that appeals to the mobile consumer. Jumptap operates the largest independent premium mobile advertising network in North America and Europe and has the largest unique user footprints with a penetration of approximately 44 million unique visits a month in the US alone. Jumptap's proprietary technologies, which leverage search-based algorithms, understand the content of pages, resulting in dramatically increased revenues. Jumptap's self-service marketplace, tapMatch, reduces operating costs and boosts price points through competition in its auction-based system. For more information, visit

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